Hello and welcome to another season of anime! Nick here and this season I’ll be talking about the second season of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk or how I’ll refer to it as just Asterisk War. Anyways I had a good time with S1 of this show, I felt it was a fairly solid magic high school anime, even if it’s very predictable. To be honest I’m pretty sick and tired of this genre and after this one I think I’m calling it quits with anymore shows like this in the future. But until then I’ve got this last one to get through, so let’s get right to it.

Here’s my opening review!

Asterisk War S2 picks up right where we left off back in December, the Phoenix Festa still going in full swing and Julis and Ayato in some hot water after his secret was spilled to everyone watching. If you recall back to the S1 finale, Ayato and Julis were in a heated battle against Irene and Priscilla, two sisters that really gave them a run for their money. While they’d go on to beat them, Ayato exposed his secret power limiter in the process so now the whole entire world knows that he can only go all out for 5 minutes before he runs out of energy, as his body is put under extreme usage during these 5 minutes.

With this weighing heavily on his mind, he and Julis return to the arena to take on their next opponents, two guys from Jie Long who look anything but high school age. Anyways, unlike the previous battle where they could rely on Ayato’s power to help get them a victory, they’ll have to change-up their approach as he’s still not back at his full ability following the tilt with the Urzaiz sisters. I really liked how Julis took the lead here, making a plan that would work with the still recovering Ayato in mind, but even so the Jie Long boys give the Seidoukan Academy couple a tough battle, not pulling any punches.

Part of Julis’ plan was to even the playing field and turning the 2 on 2 match into two 1 on 1 matches. It was a pretty good plan actually and in doing so we get to see some more of Julis’ power she wields. Using a wall of fire Julis is able to put her and one of the Kie Long boys, Luo, on one side while Ayato and Song are trapped on the other. But that’s not all for the trickery the two have come up with. After luring Song and Luo into marked spots Julis and Ayato switch things up in spectacular fashion via a break in the flames so each can change sides to land the finishing blow to their opponents. It was a pretty cool sequence I must say, one that really put Julis’ power and knowledge to use, showing that she really is worth the hype.

While Song and Luo accept their defeat like men, they give Julis and Ayato a heads up regarding their next opponents, also students from Jie Long, the Li twins, Shenyun and Shenhua. Not only are they good at fighting but they love using dirty tricks to beat whoever they’re facing, all the while looking down on them too. They’re the annoying type that can get under your skin if you let them get to your head. So while Julis and Ayato work well together, the Li twins are notorious for breaking up any plans devised by their opponents. And speak of the devil, Shenyun and Shenhua happen by to make it clear they have every intention of winning the next fight.

Closing out the ep we have a refresher of why Ayato is attending Seidoukan Academy and what his goal is, or was. He’s still looking for his sister as she disappeared a while ago, so he’s following her trail to see if he can figure out where she is and what happened to her. While that was his plan from S1, he seems to be very unsure about it all now, like he doesn’t want to continue down this path looking for her anymore. I’m sure we’ll get more on this in the coming eps.

Sexy legs! Source Link
Sexy legs!
Source Link

Other highlights from this ep include the Jie Long student council president Xinglou Fan showing off her skill as she fought a huge crowd of people, two very cute commentators at the Phoenix Festa, and the introduction of another new girl, Flora. Something also noteworthy is that best girl Claudia doesn’t make an appearance in this ep at all, which was sad, but I’m sure we’ll see her next week for sure. As for the introduction of Flora, well I’m not sure we need yet another girl for the harem but she seems to know Julis so I’m sure we’ll see how that all unfolds in the coming eps.

All in all Asterisk War S2 ep 1 was pretty solid, it never missed a beat from S1 and showcased its strong points in the ways of stylish battles and great animation. As expected Rasmus Faber is back once again to handle the music, so you can expect to see me talking about that a lot. I like the new OP and ED too, the ED being really good but nowhere near the amazing S1 ED Waiting for the rain by Maaya Sakamoto. So if they play their cards right, Asterisk War S2 will build on the strong points from S1 and hopefully make it an enjoyable show to cover this season.

Alright that’s all for me, let me know your thoughts on this one in the comments below! Moving forward I’ll try to have reviews out each Saturday unless I’m busy and can’t get it out that day. As always if you want to keep up to date with any things I recommend following me on Twitter as I’ll have updates regarding reviews and such at times. Plus I’m a cool guy to follow.

Also a thanks and shout out to Joe for letting me use that pic of Julis’ legs and the gifs. Be sure to check out his blog!

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 13 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.40_[2016.04.04_13.52.12]

Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next week!


Bonus Pic!

Official S2 poster Source Link
Official S2 poster
Source Link

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