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Dagashi Kashi wasn’t ever a story driven anime, rather one with a light plot but mostly slice of life antics each week, nevertheless ep 12 brought some closure to why Hotaru is in town. We know that she’s there to try to convince Kokonotsu to take over the candy shop so his father can come work for Hotaru’s father’s company, but after 12 weeks Kokonotsu still hasn’t given her an answer to this proposition. We touched on this point last week as Kokonotsu felt that he’s just tying Hotaru down by his indecisiveness, but we find out this isn’t the case at all. But before we reach that point, let’s talk about the romance that sparked between Saya and Hotaru.

No matter how lewd sounding something Hotaru says is, you can always be sure that she’s just talking about candy in a very round about way. Ep 12 showcased this once again and as much as I knew it was leading up to another candy reveal, a very small part of me kept wondering if maybe it wasn’t. What does love taste like? That’s the question Hotaru poses to Saya, who immediately starts thinking about a kiss being the answer. As Saya suddenly becomes very flustered with where the situation is going, Hotaru presses on, moving closer to the other girl and giving all the indications that the two are about to lock lips. But remember they’re still talking about candy and at the last moment Hotaru slips a small piece of candy into Saya’s mouth.

Hotaru x Saya is canon Source Link!
Hotaru x Saya is canon
Source Link!

Yes Hotaru’s poem about the taste of love was just her reciting what was on the back of the package of cherry candy. Hotaru is always so misleading with how she starts a conversation about candy, but Saya also has quite the dirty mind for thinking kiss all the way, then actually being pretty down for it too. Ah the material writes itself. It’s also worth noting that Saya sounded slightly disappointed at the fact Hotaru was just quizzing her about candy and not confessing her love.

While this hot scene is unfolding, the boys have returned to their goal of trying to become popular. If we remember back to ep 8 where Kokonotsu and Tou tried to read their fortune via candy, they’re back at it again with another sketchy product that’s supposed to work wonders. This time they’ve got a candy that comes in a box that looks like one of those disposable cameras, but it apparently is able to tell you your fortune for tomorrow. Trying out their luck with this candy, they both get the pink one, indicating tomorrow they’ll be popular. Well, good luck boys.

The second half further proves that point that Saya has quite a dirty mind, once again misinterpreting words as something lewd. While Kokonotsu is over at the cafe he asks Tou if he’s tying Hotaru down, in relation to not giving her an answer to the question she posed the last week. Saya takes this another way and envisions Kokonotsu and Hotaru engaging in some sexy bondage play. Tou also thinks the same thing, but coming from a guy who’s sitting there reading a porn mag it’s easy to think where his mind might already be.

Oh my! Source Link
Oh my!
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Before we can get to answering that question though, Hotaru arrives on the scene requesting to be seated in the smoking section. Uh… what? Of course she’s got another candy to show us, this being a milk caramel. With once glance from the purple haired girl, Kokonotsu gets the cue that he’s supposed to explain the meaning of why she’s doing this, and as expected he flexes his candy knowledge to not only Saya and Tou, but most importantly to Hotaru as well. It’s interesting to note that Hotaru doesn’t say anything during this part, she only briefly comments on his explanation before leaving.

So classy Source Link
So classy
Source Link

This all ties into the final scene of this ep where the show comes full circle with Hotaru at the bus stop we see in ep 1. I like when shows do that and this final part was really nice. As with all her conversations Hotaru uses candy as an illustration in helping her get the point across and in this case she’s once again trying to open a tin of candy that was giving her a hard time in ep 1 too. But where Hotaru sees and does things one way, Kokonotsu takes a much more practical approach to this problem of opening the tin. Hotaru doesn’t say it but while she’s got a conventional approach to candy, she lacks the finer details that Kokonotsu brings to the table, such as using a coin to open the tin of candy. Hotaru doesn’t just continue going to the candy shop because she’s trying to convince Kokonotsu to take over, rather she keeps returning because she enjoys it so much. It’s the love of candy that drives her, but also the desire to experience this passion in a different and more down to earth way that can only be done in a way that sheer willpower can’t provide.

Final Thoughts

So here we are 12 weeks later and I can say that yes I really enjoyed Dagashi Kashi. It was such a simple show really with the candy being the actual star of it, Hotaru was there to just give us the details on it. I never felt that it became repetitive as every ep showcased a new piece of candy and a new set of antics that went with it. True we saw some candy return here and there, but when it did it wasn’t the center of attention, rather just a small thing on the side. But candy aside the characters also played an important part in making this show so enjoyable.

After all is said and done Hotaru still remains my favorite, even though Saya has a charm to her. Hotaru brought a lot to the table and not just a sexy energy, rather she wasn’t ever romantically driven like what usually happens over the course of a show. No there wasn’t romance in this show even though Hotaru referenced love and such a few times. Take ep 12 for example, when talking with Saya about the poem on the back of the candy package, she mentioned that she’d normally never say anything that embarrassing out loud, she was just reading what the package said. Hotaru has never experienced real love outside from her candy crush on Pocchi-kun. So in this regard it was a change from the usual boy and girl fall in love by the end of the show, plus romance usually means lots of drama along the way which can get annoying after a while.

But while Hotaru says and does sexy things, she’s always thinking and talking about candy when doing so. From saying she wants to suck on something to asking another girl about the taste of love, Hotaru’s driven by candy so everything she does will always go back to this love for candy. Whatever the situation is Hotaru never flaunted her sexiness nor was embarrassed even when seen naked by Tou in ep 1. She could’ve easily become like so many other anime girls are out there, but I liked that she never did. She didn’t get flustered when her wet/sweaty shirt revealed her lacy pink bra underneath, she didn’t make her appearance in a swimsuit a big deal, she wasn’t bothered when she was tied up and had things shoved in her mouth, and she openly talked about boobs with Kokonotsu too. Is she normal for not making everything sexual, or is she just on a higher level of craziness for talking so openly about these things. Decide for yourself but I found her approach to these things a nice change from the norm.

Really then Dagashi Kashi was a fun look at the lives of 4 teens in the countryside of Japan during the summer. Each ep delivered in candy and the history of it, funny gags, sexy moments and just a laid back and lazy summer vibe that reminded me of the much-loved Non Non Biyori. Everyone might not like it but if you stick with it till the end you too might be like Hotaru and get caught up in the love of candy. Tally it all up, I’m giving Dagashi Kashi an 8/10. Great fun.

[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 12 [650AAF4D].mkv_snapshot_22.06_[2016.04.02_18.55.34]

So that’s going to bring this series of reviews to a close, I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this candy show and I hope you liked it as much as I did. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the final ep, so light up the comments below!

Up next I’ll be returning to Seidoukan Academy for the second half of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, which started today actually so I’m already late. Sorry about that. I’ll have that review out hopefully soon.

A quick thanks and shout out to Joe for letting me use a couple pics in this review. Be sure to go read his thoughts on this ep along with the previous eps on his blog.

Alright then that’s it for me, I’ve said all I can. Thanks for reading my reviews and I hope to see you back next season to continue reading the next wave of new and exciting posts that are coming up.

Until next season!


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