Two years later. It’s actually been that long since it all began, yet it feels like a lifetime ago.

Two years ago I had an idea, an idea that involved starting a new blog an anime themed blog. But what would I do with it? I’d never reviewed anything before aside from my 140 character tweets, so suddenly starting a blog where I review anime seemed like a daunting task at the time. But once I began, one thing lead to another and here I am today.

Aside from just wanting to start a new blog, the origin story of Anime Corps isn’t exactly the best one as it was a pretty low point in my life. I was going through lots of family trouble, parents separating, not even having a house to live in, it wasn’t a great time to start a new blog, review or even watch anime. Yet it was my only escape from the trouble that surrounded me. I stuck with my goal of launching on April 1st 2014 and once that day came the first post of this blog went live. From that day forward the rest is history.

I can still vividly remember the night when I posted my first ever review, Mahouka ep 1. While I would go on to drop that show, that first review still holds a special spot as it was what started everything. I would also go on to review 5 other shows during the spring 2014 season, as to how I was able to balance reviewing 6 shows right out of the gate, I’m not sure but I somehow did and it worked out pretty well. But as time moved on I’d have to cut back on reviewing to focus on other more important things in life, so that’s why I’m not reviewing as much as I used to. Although just looking ahead to the summer I can see 3 shows I’ve got my sights set on reviewing, but I’ll deal with that once it arrives.

So looking back at the past year of blogging I’m pleased at what I’m seeing. Thinking about some anime I’ve personally reviewed and really enjoyed, Hibike! Euphonium stands out for me as it was such a great show, I’m looking forward to reviewing the second season of that when it airs. Saekano also was a very solid show and one that will be returning to the blog next spring as well. Other posts that really got a lot of attention for the blog were Deven’s Love Live! School Idol Festival posts, those were always bringing in lots of views as his event preview and review posts were a big hit. I hope we’ll see the return of them in the future.

In addition to lots of popular posts, we gained another member to the team, Joe the editor. I can’t remember if it was on Twitter or WordPress but either way I met him and he was a cool guy, so I think it was Deven and I we talked about it and decided to ask him to join as an editor as we needed one at the time. (Cough Editor’s note: WordPress meet then Twitter, Mitz idea. Cough). While Joe mainly works from the shadows on this blog, he recently reviewed Luck & Logic along with writing up the birthday post for Umi. But aside from editing here Joe also has his own blog, The Reviewer’s Corner, where he posts all kinds of anime, manga and game related content. Worth following as he’s got great posts there.

It’s honestly crazy to think that in only two years Anime Corps has racked up over 270k views, for me that’s a big deal as I can really see the progress of this blog and how much it’s grown over the past year. Yes it’s still mainly anime reviews, but like I said last year I wanted to focus on making the content of each post better, that’s why people come to this blog to read stuff and have kept coming back. Great content is what makes any site successful and I feel that Anime Corps has come a long way since a year ago. The team here has done a great job and I’d really like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for sticking around this long and continuing to write posts. I’d also like to thank each and every one of you who visited this blog, read a post and left a comment. I love hearing feedback on what you thought of each post and what we could do to make the next one even better. Thank you so very much!

So after coming this far, what’s next? Well I’ve got some long-term plans for the blog but they’ll take some work to reach them. In the meantime though I plan on sticking with the formula that’s worked for this long, write good weekly reviews. It’s like they say, the biggest room is the one for improvement, so with that in mind I want to keep pushing myself to make each review better than the last one. Like I said I reviewed 6 shows out of the gate, but the quality wasn’t the best. Now I’m reviewing usually 1 a season but I want to make the quality of it good. The spring season is always a special time for me, so with each post from April until the end of June I’ll always be thinking about how this blog began and where it is now.

Looking back at this all, I’ve written a couple of paragraphs but really I can’t put into words exactly how special this blog is to me. When I look back at this blog next year I hope to see even more progress in terms of making the content of each post the very best I can make it. I also want to try to branch out a bit too, maybe get a couple of editorials in here and there like I said I would a year ago. Tsuyuki is having his moment right now, his return to writing for Anime Corps, so I’ll let him enjoy the spotlight now. By the way be sure to go check out his week of posts, each touching on something new and different each day.

Well I guess I’ve said enough now, that or I’ll just start rambling on about stuff that’s of no importance to you. So to wrap this all up I’d like to say one more thank you to all you readers out there who keep visiting this blog along with the team here that writes or edits our work, thank you guys and girls so much.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and here’s to another year of blogging.

Thank you!


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