Hey! I’m not dead yet! Initially what I was going to do is just post a usual editorial and explain everything as to why I’ve been gone in a slapdash way and casually just attach my future plans for becoming active once again. After thinking about it long enough and procrastinating long enough, however, I decided that wouldn’t be the proper way to go about this. It’s been God knows how long since I’ve posted for this blog and even longer since I’ve posted an editorial. Even though I’ve never been a very active writer here, I do feel like I should explain where I’ve been.

Last time I posted anything for Anime Corps was July 31st of last year when I covered Episode 4 of one of my now favourite anime, Gakkou Gurashi. Around then was when my life started to get complicated. My family was packing up our house and we were going to move five hours up-state; a majority of that time I was either sleeping on an air mattress in my room or with one of my two very close friends while finishing up the school year before I left. While at home I had no internet connection and while with friends I was doing homework or spending time with them. A lot of my free time was spent upset about a few other things and playing RPG Maker games; the emotions I experienced during that time inspired my second novel and when we finally moved two months later, another permanent road block showed up.

Two days before my birthday my computer was hacked. My PayPal was lost, my email was at risk of being compromised, I had to get new bank cards, and my computer’s hard drive was completely fried. This was a massive set back. I now have extremely limited access to WordPress or anything else I was working on; I wrote my entire second novel on my mother’s computer which I admittedly prioritized higher than my posts on this blog.

The next problem to arise was my new school’s awful idea of Senior Project. A new friend of mine, being an incredibly generous person, lent me his laptop which I used to submit my book to my publisher. Over the span of the next few months I’d be primarily focusing on completing my Senior Project and not failing all of my classes. Senior Project was literal Hell on Earth and I’m still struggling to keep my grades afloat. School is coming to a close soon and my efforts are going to be primarily focused on school and making sure I don’t fail, but I don’t want to keep dishing out excuses.

Long story short, I’m a mess. I don’t have time to post for this blog but that doesn’t mean I can’t make time. I make time to play games, watch anime, and talk to friends, so I can take time today, on my last day of spring break, to get things back into motion. Today I’ll be writing a series of five posts that will hopefully be edited by Mitzuka in time for a time period I shall dub, the Week of Tsuyuki!

Every day for the next five days (including today) there will be a post by me coming out at 12:00pm (UTC-09:00) every day on the hour, focusing on different ideas I’ve had for editorials for a while now. Time to spark this back to life! After this week I’ll try to be way more active (since I haven’t been active for almost a whole year) but, as I said before, I’ll be making time to post so don’t expect new posts too often.

On the bright side, even if I don’t post at all after this week, I promise there will be an amazing post up by midnight on July 22nd.

It’s good to be back.

The featured image for this post was drawn by pixiv artist Aluce.