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As much as I love Hotaru and think she’s the best girl, Saya is honestly really amazing and I don’t give her enough credit. She’s the type of girl who’s low key, but after a while you suddenly realize you’re actually in love with her. Moments where it’s her and Kokonotsu are by far some of the best things about this ep (and subsequent anime as a whole) and in the beginning of ep 11 we get a little bit of that, granted Hotaru was present as well.

As is the underlying plot to this anime, Hotaru is still trying her best to get Kokonotsu to take over the candy shop so that his father can come with for the Shidare company. While that goal of hers has taken many twists and turns along the way, at the end of the day her mission was to make this happen then she could leave town. Hotaru hasn’t accomplished this yet but she’s made progress I’d say, even if it’s just a little bit. But maybe a question you’ve been wondering is: why choose You to work for the Shidare company? What’s so great about him? Honestly I really don’t know.

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From what we’ve seen, You is the last person I’d want working for me. For starters, he’s always eating his own candy supply, that alone is enough to say no. But apparently Hotaru sees something great within him and brings Kokonotsu and Saya along to witness this as well. Hiding in a classic cardboard box, the three teens watch as You helps two little kids who come in looking for some gum. I should add that Kokonotsu is a very lucky boy being put in a cramped dark space with two attractive girls. Anyways, the little boy wants to buy some gum for his girlfriend, but doesn’t have enough money for 2 packs. His girlfriend suddenly wants nothing to do with him now that she can’t get her pack of gum. But You comes to the rescue saying that if he has a winning ticket, he can get another pack for free. So the boy opens his pack only to find a losing ticket.

What’s nice here though is that You quickly takes the ticket from the boy and says it’s a winner anyways, letting him get another pack for his girlfriend who is now all happy again that her boyfriend has something for her. Uh… gold digger much? Anyways, Hotaru points out that this is what she sees in You, a person who can smooth over problems like that and make everyone happy at the end of the day. While yes that indeed is an admirable quality, all I can see are the cons that outweigh the pros.

This moment also reminds Saya of another moment from the past where she kept winning a ticket every time she opened a pack of gum. If it wasn’t clear already, Saya has scary good luck when it comes to games and such. I’d want to have her on my team for sure. We end this first half with You stumbling upon some of Kokonotsu’s manga he’s working on, which of course ends in usual fashion.

The back half of this ep is another moment for Hotaru to flex her candy knowledge and give us another history lesson. The context is that her and Kokonotsu are attempting to take the train into town as he needs to get some more manga supplies while Hotaru wants to go on a candy shopping spree. But as luck would have it they’ve just missed the train. Ah I know that feeling, except with the bus. Waiting in the shade of the station, Hotaru muses that she wants something to suck on. Oh? This gets Kokonotsu all flustered as I’m sure he’s thinking what any guy might think when a girl says she wants to suck on something.

She’s talking about candy of course. It’s Hotaru, everything she says, no matter how lewd sounding, will always be related to candy in some way. Enter suckable kombu (seaweed). It’s the latest candy Hotaru pulls out of her magic candy carrying pockets of hers. Hotaru then goes on to explain what Miyako Kombu is and how it came to be a hit. It’s amazing that she knows all these things about candy but it’s the simple things she can have trouble with. But as this candy is all sour, she’s become quite thirsty now. Suddenly Hotaru’s drinking a Ramune. As to where exactly she pulled that out of, I still have no idea but from a far out view of the platform, there wasn’t a vending machine in sight.

Hotaru’s next lesson is about Ramune. In this hilarious retelling of Commodore Perry visiting Japan in the 1850’s, Hotaru explains how Ramune came to be a thing. What’s also just as funny is how Hotaru’s face slightly morphs into Commodore Perry and she speaks like him too for a few moments. But as soon as this moment is over, the show suddenly take a serious turn as Hotaru and Kokonotsu talk about the sweet future that lies just over the horizon.

Hotaru wants him to succeed the candy shop but she realizes he’s got his own dreams he wants to follow as well. So instead of forcing him to take over the shop, she wants him to think it over and let her know his answer once he’s ready. With the next train finally at the station, Hotaru boards and gives him one final look, as if she’s never coming back or something. And just like that, she’s gone. While it felt like something was coming to a close here, I’m fairly confident that Hotaru will be back next week for more candy antics. Plus, she never told Kokonotsu where to find her.

So we’re almost done with this show, just 1 more ep is left now. After 11 weeks I’m still enjoying Dagashi Kashi and I’ll miss it once it’s over. Alright then, what are your thought on this ep? Let me know in the comments below!

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[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 11 [6A78CF38].mkv_snapshot_13.56_[2016.03.26_15.37.09]

Okay then, that’s all for me thanks for reading and I’ll cya back here for the final ep!


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