Some continuation from last week’s ep as Hotaru’s health takes a sudden turn for the worst.

Here’s my review.

While there isn’t some full-blown plot to this show, this week’s entry of Dagashi Kashi carries on from last week where Hotaru got her mouth ulcer. As expected the candy consequences from eating the WataPachi are evident as her mouth ulcer has gotten much worse. In fact it’s so bad that her face has swollen up and looks quite nasty. Pretty sure that’s not going to happen in real life, but this is anime so anything is possible.

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The ep opens at night for a change as Tou is out to buy himself a drink from one of the many vending machines around the area. It’s worth noting that Tou is also wearing his sunglasses at night too, no idea why anyone would want to do that. Anyways, Hotaru suddenly runs out of the darkness and requests Tou’s help with something. What could Tou possibly do that would be of any help to Hotaru? We’ll find out in a bit.

By now it’s been 2 days and Hotaru hasn’t shown up at the candy store, making Kokonotsu very worried. Surprisingly not that something bad might have happened to the girl, rather that she might be planning something crazy. With the help of Saya the two of them travel to Hotaru’s house to check on her. Finally after 10 eps we solve the mystery of where Hotaru sleeps at night. Honestly I thought she was holed up in some back room at Saya’s place for the longest time, but it’s nice to see that she indeed has a house of her own. And a big one at that.

The remainder of this eps takes place in Hotaru’s room where she reveals that her mouth ulcer has gotten really bad and she’s been trying to avoid candy for the past while. Turns out she’s trying to get well because there is a new Baby Star Ramen flavor coming out soon and she wants to eat it on launch day, so that’s why she’s stopped herself from eating candy. But the interesting thing is that it was Tou who told her to lay off the sweets so her mouth could heal. I didn’t think Tou had it in him to give good advice, but then again I didn’t think he would be one to make monjayaki so well either. Speaking of shout out to previous eps, during her explanation of why she’s avoiding candy, Hotaru recalls how she put her faith in the Pop Pop Fortune Chocolates, seen in ep 8. I was hoping that some of the candy Kokonotsu and Saya brought over would be the Yoguret seen in ep 6 as it’s supposed to cure-all ailments, but maybe Kokonotsu and Saya were still embarrassed by what happened long ago.

The punch line of this ep though happens at the end where Hotaru introduces to us this week’s candy: drink mixes. Yes this wouldn’t be Dagashi Kashi without some new candy to be shown to us. For a moment I thought this would be the first ep to not have something new, but trust Hotaru to slip it in somehow. As for how the drink mixes play a role, well Hotaru being the bright girl that she is, mixed up 3 different drink mixes into some gross looking concoction and drank it, claiming it “works wonders”. But what she fails to see is that she’s pretty much drinking liquid sugar, which is by no means helping her sore mouth. Oh Hotaru… when will you ever learn?

Not the most eventful ep this week, but it was informative in the sense that it answered the big question of where does Hotaru live. It was also neat to see that her room was extremely normal looking, I mean I expected her room to be a candy shop but no it was very normal. I guess she does have a somewhat normal side to her under that addiction to candy.

Well then that’s all for me, what were your thoughts of this week’s ep? Let me know in the comments below!

The winter season is nearly over and the spring is about to begin. Look forward to the spring preview post coming soon as it’ll outline what to expect from Anime Corps starting in April.

Alright then, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next week!


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