The fun never ends with this silly candy anime.

Here’s my review.

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From exploding candy to in candy that looks like boobs, Dagashi Kashi just keeps getting sillier and sillier. So many say it’s a very repetitive anime, and yeah I mean it’s pretty much them talking about and eating candy each week, but with each week comes some new and exciting candy that it always keeps things fresh and exciting. Take this week for example, Hotaru is finally seeing some of the fallout from eating way too much candy (don’t do it kids) and because of that she’s now got a mouth ulcer, also known as a canker sore. Said link explains what that is along with some nasty pics too.

Anyways, instead of laying off the candy for a bit until her mouth is better, Hotaru can’t stop herself from eating candy including WataPachi which is like weird cotton candy with little pop rocks. In any case it’s not something to eat while one has a canker sore, but Hotaru just had to try it as apparently the urge to eat it far outweighed the painful consequences that were coming down the pipe. What’s strange is that Hotaru seems to greatly enjoy the pain in her mouth, getting quite the positive stimulation from it. But I guess it’s no surprise that she’s one to be turned on by candy.

As Saya isn’t one who likes hearing scary or painful words (as we found out last week) she turns her attention away from Hotaru’s play by play to some cute looking candy. This was a strange sequence I must say, not really sure what to say about it as it felt like the joke went on for way too long. Turns out this cute looking candy, UnChoco (or PoopChoco) is popular with the kids as it resembles an animal ‘pooping’ out these pieces of candy. But once Saya realizes what it is, she suddenly isn’t down for it anymore, saying she and Hotaru are too old to be talking about this kind of thing. What’s interesting here is that Hotaru never actually makes the connection that the candy resembles ‘poop’ as she’s always thought of it as the little animal container was laying an egg. I’m honestly not sure how she could arrive at that conclusion especially if the container looks like a bear. Because we all know that bears lay eggs. Anyways, while the sequence had a few parts in which I chuckled, overall it wasn’t the strong point of the ep. It’s just not something I find funny so it felt like that whole part dragged on too much and just got boring to watch.

Kokonotsu finally shows up for the back half of this ep and he and Hotaru get back to their normal candy banter. This middle part is about Sakura Daikon and how it makes Hotaru want to eat rice as it’s got a sweet and sour taste to it. Hotaru also comes out and says she’s actually from Osaka and has been hiding her Kansai dialect from him. Although after she comes across as sounding very forced, in she end she confesses she’s not actually from Osaka. I was surprised that Kokonotsu picked up on her being so forced with the dialect, normally MC’s in anime aren’t the most observant people out there.

We end the ep in maybe the lewdest sequence yet in this show. When Hotaru straight up asks Kokonotsu if he likes boobs, I knew what was about to follow would be crazy. And yes it was. Of course Kokonotsu is extremely flustered by this sudden question and he goes through the motions of trying to figure out if this is a trick question or not as girls never come out and ask a guy if they like boobs or not. Of course this question is also a challenge to answer as Hotaru is a very well endowed girl herself and it’s hard not to say that’s something he likes to see. In the end he decides to play it safe saying he’s not really into them that much, but when Hotaru turns and is about to walk out of the store he suddenly changes his mind saying that he loves boobs.

Of course Hotaru wasn’t actually referring to actually boobs when she asked this question, rather she was talking about Tamago Ice Cream (Egg Ice Cream) or as she calls it, Boob Ice Cream. She calls it this because they indeed look like boobs, nice and round with a little pointing nipple like part too. While it may look like a boob to Kokonotsu it’s always been a bomb as it easily explodes when you try to open it. Hotaru isn’t ready to start calling it Bomb Ice Cream and Kokonotsu isn’t about to call it Boob Ice Cream, so to settle this once and for all Hotaru decides to eat one herself. But wait, after holding it in her hard for so long, the ice cream has melted and now she runs the risk of having it explode in her face just like it did for Kokonotsu. Just as predicted the ice cream explodes in Hotaru’s face, covering her with vanilla ice cream. With her shirt now becoming see through from the ice cream, Hotaru admits that maybe calling it Bomb Ice Cream was indeed the correct choice of words, although Kokonotsu now understands why she might have called in Boob Ice Cream for so long.

So aside from that one part this ep was pretty good, silly as always and filled with candy, this time explosive candy. If you’ve seen ep 9, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 09 [75CE8527].mkv_snapshot_16.55_[2016.03.12_15.05.14]

Alright then that’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya guys next week!


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