I will explain more on the reason why I am dropping this review at the end. The main reason being the fact I really do not want to write more reviews that are rant based there are more important ones, this is just the main one in terms of writing. This show has a lot of problems to it. But I will say this, episode 8 was enjoyable. How much you may ask, well I will get to that in a bit.

The Plot:

So, from what I vaguely remember about whenever episode 7 aired, is that it ended showing an icy area and some sort of monster. This episode kicks off shortly after that monster took over the area. Although that area was far away it still holds importance to the Chief. Her mentor, sensei, brother-like role model, senpai, or potential love interest, or something happened to be there. So she goes in to save him. By the way he is in a coma or something it does not really say, sort of.

The heroes, namely Chloe complains how she ate too much pizza. They open the door only to see that snake guy, Quetzakciatl, ate a lot of the pizza. I honestly do not care since it really had nothing to do with the plot. The snake guy changed sizes like crazy this episode due to over eating.

Anyway Tsurugi goes to see the chief, only she is not there, only a Letter of Resignation.  The Director shows up and explains the situation, on why she left and what she is going to go and do. So in other words he is telling him to stop the crazy powerful chief who is hell-bent on destroying the monster.

So, who exactly goes with Tsurugi, Nanahoshi with snake guy, because they can fly in the crazy snowy area that was once an ocean not too long ago.

Logic ep 8 3

One reason why I take screen caps is to remind myself of what happened I almost forgot what happened next, great job me. So, Nemesis and the Chief are at the outpost with the obvious bad guy that wants nothing to do with them.

Logic ep 8 4

Ok, let me just stop for a second. Nemesis looks cute in the winter outfit. It is completely opposite of what I thought she would wear. She looks like an over sized Teddy bear and I just want to give her a hug. Alright, now time to go back.

Logic ep 8 5

So, after the brief stop there, those two charge into action to go slay the monster. Also at some point defining physics and getting the snowmobile up a large crane like structure. I am just putting this under “Anime Logic” to not think about it anymore. Anyway, the Chief starts her fight.

Logic ep 8 6

Then Tsurugi and Nanahoshi show up and get debriefed on what is happening. Snake guy fell asleep on their flight there, so Nanahoshi stays back till snake guy is awake.

Once Tsurugi gets at the base, the evil guy tries to make sure Tsurugi does not meet the chief. So, after falling down a pit, he gets a message, from the Director. In the area he fell into a lot of dead Foreigners are there. Apparently the guy in charge of the area was killing them in experiments. One involved trying to control Over-Trance. The monster took control of the Chief’s potential lover.

Logic ep 8 8

So, the Nanahoshi shows up. The two split up immediately afterwards. Nanahoshi to find the Logic Card, and Tsurugi to stop the Chief. Long story short, the building collapses, the evil guy was like “Yay no more evidence.” He got arrested, everyone survived and the Chief wanted to still resign, but no one let her.

Logic ep 8 10
He probably should watch what he says out loud.

Overall Thoughts:

As I said I did enjoy this episode. The plot was predictable. But perhaps the fact I did not see it in a few weeks made me enjoy it a little more, I do not know.

Logic ep 8 9

I do like how they focused on the Chief this episode. I did find it weird how they can get in trouble for killing Foreigners, where she clearly told the members to kill them a few episodes back. Production or writing issues are to blame I assume.

It was rather simple and straight forward. I think it worked better since not everyone was in the episode and instead only really focused on a much smaller number. I think they should have done that from the start and had fewer characters. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed this episode.

Regardless I will be dropping the reviews.

Logic ep 8 11

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10

Reason for Dropping the Reviews:

So, if anyone follows my main blog, which I know some people do. I had been real busy with school lately. I had been falling behind on posts there as well. This is one reason for a hiatus I am taking next month.  To top it off, my anime viewing can been seen as only two shows a week, although this I blame on Fire Emblem Fates and Pokemon Red.

As I said before I really do not want to make all these rants. I am glad this one went off on a neutral note. I am uncertain though if I will post final thoughts one of the final episode, since I plan to continue with the anime. I am uncertain if it will be here or on my own blog, probably here.


Anyway it is time for me to go back to being the Editor in the Shadows here on Anime Corps. I may be doing another series review for the Spring Season, but various reasons the posts will be coming out in May, that is if I decide to do two.

Thank you Nick and the Others for this opportunity I had fun.

Feel free to check my own blog out, The Reviewer’s Corner, the KonoSuba reviews will continue and I have other content there as well.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe