Ghost stories, traditional games, fortune-telling, panties, and of course candy. This week’s Dagashi Kashi ep had a little bit of everything.

Here’s my review.

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At first I wasn’t sure what was going on with this ep, it wasn’t the usual crazy candy show I was watching for the past 7 weeks, but we soon learn this spooky intro is just a scary story told by Tou one evening as the 4 of them huddle around a  candle as a typhoon rages outside. But as scared as Saya is and insists Tou to stop this silliness, the story continues as it’s far from over. When all is said and done, we find out this story is just part of another candy that Hotaru pulls out of some hidden pocket in her dress. Super Scary Story Gum to be exact, it’s a pack of gum that comes with a booklet of scary stories to read while you chew said gum. Here’s the kicker though, as real as the stories seem, they’re just thought up by the employee’s of the company, so that’s why they’re not totally logical when you put some thought into it.

So in the end it’s all fun and games like always, Saya even gets over being scared when she thinks about ghosts chewing gum proving that yes there is power to gum, just like Hotaru said. But as quickly as Saya gets back to normal, when the power suddenly goes out and Kokonotsu’s dad appears Saya is back to being scared again. Side note here: seeing Saya clinging on to Hotaru was a very satisfying sight I must say.

The second half of this week’s ep featured a traditional game called kendama. According to Tou it’s suddenly making a huge comeback and it’s popular again, at least after watching a video on YouTube he thinks it is. He even goes as far as buying two kendama that Kokonotsu has at the candy store. Side note here: 1300 yen is pretty much $15 Canadian, so to me that seems extremely pricey for such a simple game, but oh well. What does 1300 yen work out to in your currency?

Back outside in the summer weather, Kokonotsu and Tou try out their skills in kendama, but can’t quite seem to do well at it. In theory it seems easy, just flip a ball on a string up into the cup, but I’m guessing it’d be a lot harder once you try it. Have you even tried kendama before, and if so is it quite challenging? Apparently it’s not for Saya as she’s a master at it, much like other games she picks up. She’s pretty good with her hands it seems.

With end this ep with more candy, this time a fortune-telling candy that’ll apparently make Tou and Kokonotsu understand girls better as they strive to be popular. Yeah ideas like that never work, they should’ve realized that. But boys will be boys and they look into their fortune via candy, getting the lackluster results as expected. From health, to homework to finally panties, the boys try their luck to see if anything good can come from the candy. While the first two don’t seem to give the desired results, Hotaru just so happens to be around when they’re looking into whether or not they’ll be able to see a girl’s panties.

It’s a funny scene as once you see Hotaru standing on the ledge you know exactly how things will play out. After their brief conversation Hotaru jumps off, her skirt flowing behind her. Whether or not her panties are actually visible for a moment, it’s hard to tell. Judging from the reaction’s on Tou and Kokonotu’s faces it seems like ye they indeed finally saw under Hotaru’s skirt, but at the same time Tou points out that they may not have seen them either. Regardless of that, seeing Hotaru’s pantyhose clad legs is still a treat in itself.

Not a super event filled ep this week, but the supernatural candy provided some good laughs here and there. I enjoyed this ep as I do most weeks, the usual candy antics never getting old as Hotaru always has something new to entertain us with each week. Right then, that’s what I thought of this ep, let’s hear your thoughts on it?

[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 08 [10B21372].mkv_snapshot_16.55_[2016.03.06_14.31.34]

So we’re nearing the end of another anime season and the next one is looming in the not to distance future. Expect our spring anime preview to be coming out shortly with the new anime you can expect to see being reviewed here during that season. I will say up front that I’ll be reviewing Asterisk War S2 as I promised to return for that, I’m not sure about picking up something else but I’ll decide that in a bit.

Okay then that’s all for this review, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll cya next week for another candy filled ep of Dagashi Kashi!

Until then, take care!


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Still a trend I love.
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