For the second week in a row, Saya has stolen the show in a big way.

Here’s my review!

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Here we are in week 7 of this candy shop show and for those complaining that it’s just the same thing over and over again, well guess what this ep isn’t based in the candy shop at all. In fact instead of this ep being broken up into 2 smaller stories, it’s one big story this week. While it did seem a lot shorter because of this, I liked the change from the normal antics in the candy shop. Not that this ep didn’t have its own antics, but the moments where it’s just Saya and Kokonotsu are really the highlight this week.

Things begin with Kokonotsu and his dad arriving at the festival grounds to set up their annual monjayaki stand. Of course this begs the question, why not set up a candy booth instead, being that they run a candy store. But before we get any further, Hotaru arrives on the scene in probably her most creative way yet. She’s in a tree. Yep, a tree. Upon descending Hotaru launches into her usual candy history lesson about the ties between candy stores and monjayaki. Flexing her candy history knowledge as always.

We also meet a new character, Tamai, who runs an okonomiyaki shop but also serves monjayaki during the festival. Of course two booths selling the same food, you can imagine the competition. Kokonotsu explains that the confrontation that’s unfolding in front of him and Hotaru is another annual event, but as soon as they begin fighting they make up and go out for drinks. Once again Kokonotsu is left to handle setting up the booth by himself.

Having never been to a festival before, Hotaru is ecstatic about the whole event. There are so many people, booths, food, lights, games, it’s an experience she’s never had before so she’s eager to soak it all in. It also goes to show just how oblivious Hotaru is to her surroundings too, I mean a bunch of people setting up booths and decorations, it should be clear a festival is about to happen. But oh well, at least she’s cute.

Before we get to the part where Saya takes this ep to greater heights, we have a small sequence where Hotaru tries her luck at a game and for once she actually wins. The game she chooses is katanuki, which is where you have a small colored mold and you have to use a toothpick to cut out the shape in the mold. Sometimes it’s a flower, sometimes it’s an umbrella, but the challenge is that if you’re too hard with the toothpick you’ll break the mold. While that’s the main problem to keep in mind, Kokonotsu and Tou point out that the person who runs the booth will always find some flaw in your handy work. Totally ignoring this, Hotaru tries her luck and carves out the flower perfectly. With no flaws to be found, the guy running the booth is forced to give her the 5000 yen prize. Inspired by her luck, Tou also gives it a chance, but after wasting all his money he ends up breaking the winning piece before he can show it to the guy running the booth. Oh well.

By far the second half of this ep was my favorite. Saya once again stole the show here sporting a cute yukata this time too. While Kokonotsu is a bit slow on the draw that she came to the festival wearing this to impress him, his father picks up on her reason for being there and gets Kokonotsu to leave the monja booth for a bit to spend time with Saya and see how the competition is doing as well. Kokonotsu once again shows off his candy knowledge as well, explaining the history of some of the candy served at the festival.

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But the main highlight of all this was seeing him and Saya spending some quality time together, just like the good old days, and having fun at the festival. As much as I still like Hotaru I will say that over the past 2 eps Saya has really made an impression on me. Will I leave Team Hotaru for her, probably not but it’s nice to see her getting some quality screen time in a show where Hotaru has dominated since the beginning.

We end the ep at the goldfish scooping area, where we get a flashback to a few years ago when Kokonotsu tried his hardest to win a goldfish but couldn’t. Impressed with his determination though, the lady running the booth gave him one for free. Kokonotsu in turn gave that goldfish to Saya who still actually has it. Remember that goldfish in her cafe? Yeah that’s it. I liked that little detail there, was really nice. Unable to win a goldfish this time either, Kokonotsu once again find pity in the person running the booth as he gets one for free. And just like last time, he gives it to Saya. As this is all happening though, Tou has turned into somewhat of a monja master, taking over Kokonotsu’s position and cooking up a store. Finally, he did something good.

All in all this was a really good ep, one that took a break from the usual candy store antics and took things outside for some festival fun. Hotaru was fun as always, but for me Saya once again stole the show with her charm. I’m guessing next week we’ll be back inside the candy store for more of the usual antics, but until then I’ll savor this delightful ep.

That’s all I’ve got to say about ep 7, let’s hear what you thought of it. Let me know in the comments below!

Okay then that’s all for me now, thanks for reading and I’ll cya guys next week!


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