Well, a high probability of a rant warning. This episode, you know that episode that I thought plot progression would occur. Or the episode where I thought they would not focus on a character. Or the episode where I thought the characters would act at least the same. This was not that episode. It was none of the things I thought it was. Somehow it was worse than I expected it to be by any means. But enough about that, let’s get started so I can actually back up this information.

The Plot (if it can be called that)

The group gets told that they have a day off. Apparently another branch will take over so they can have a few days to relax. Needless to say Cliché Main Lead tells his little sister that he will be heading home and be able to see them.

Logic ep 7 1

So, he gets home, wonders where everyone is. Only to walk into what was said to be a surprise birthday for Tsurugi, but it was not his birthday. The crew came over due to the little sister maybe trying to convince everyone to come over for a party. This was a lie.

So, with everyone there they decide to stay anyway. Fast forward a little bit with the womanizing father bringing home the Chief and her loli zombie loving partner. Also under the same pretenses that it was Tsurugi’s birthday.

Anyway the group decides to make food, and stuff. So again, fast-forwarding to when they eat Yurine brings up where Tsurugi’s mother is. For starters there was a line earlier mentioning that there dad brings home woman. Did she not hear that? Like, wouldn’t it be obvious that maybe the mom was not around, since no one really mentioned her. I mean sure she could have thought she had work or something I guess. But not the imouto tells that their mother has been dead for several years.

During dinner the dad, in a drunkish state, brought up who Tsurugi likes. This of course at least came to the attention that there is the possibility of the harem route. Anyway, Tsurugi avoids the question. I think Chloe mentioned her line about him being cliché, I know it is brought up several times.

Logic ep 7 6

There was a moment of food porn like tendencies with Mana and Artemis. But that did not last long. It was a weird out-of-place scene.

Logic ep 7 7

So, after the meal, Athena went out to go pick up a few things. For starters I see a few problems with this. Why does she need to go out, after they just ate, to go get somethings? I do not say food or cleaning or anything like that. Either way both cases do not make much sense. Either way this was to allow Athena to meet with Lucifer again.

The two talk for a bit, mostly why they are there. Lucifer just wants to have fun and stuff. He does point out that Athena likes Tsurugi. The two still talk when Tsurugi shows up and nearly broke into a fight with him. Lucifer did not see him as a threat nor wished to fight him.

Logic ep 7 8

This episode was fairly boring since there also was no “Monster of the Week” situation.  So it you are expecting some sort of fight with someone who I guess will probably be defeated in like three attacks in the final episode, then this episode just goes on.

Everyone leaves when Tsugugi shows up. Mana reveals that she is getting her letter from that letter box that she was shoved in as a child. The Chief just wants to go out drinking some more with Venus. Which does not make sense in the slightest to me.

Logic ep 7 9

So the only solution with all the girls but Athena, Yurine, the imouto, and Nemesis who did not want to leave, split them up. The imouto and Nemesis go watch a zombie movie. While Athena and Yurine get a weird ball off light censored bath scene.

Also if you are expecting some bath pics, well, you are not getting them. If you are expecting some yuri special fun time, you are not getting them. Instead you get the two girls talking about a guy conversation.

Logic ep 7 10

While that happens Orga is apparently in Tsurugi’s room and made it his own. Even wearing Tsurugi’s cloths. So, those that expect yaoi moments are also going to be disappointed. The conversations were relatively the same. Bringing up Lucifer and their thoughts. Tsurugi talking about the idea of what would happen if gods and man lived in harmony. While Athena and Yurine talk about when she will leave, it did bring up Yurine’s old partner. But nothing more.

Then Tsurugi uses up his cliché-ness for the episode and decides to apologize to Athena, who is getting out of the bath. Tsurugi walks in, and Athena drops her bath towel making her cute goddess butt visible for all of five second.

Logic ep 7 11

After apologizing to Yurine, Tsurugi says that no matter what now he will trust Athena two hundred percent.

The episode ends with the Chief talking to some hospitalized guy and some monster in a snowy area appearing.


Overall Thoughts aka the Rant

Well, to put it obviously, it was terrible.

Where to begin, besides what was brought in on talking about the plot and such. The characters did not feel like all were acting likes themselves. One thing about this series is that it feels like character development is super inconsistent.

The episode as a whole just did not do anything for the series, except maybe open up the possibility of romance between Tsurugi and Athena. So, I mean it was not a total lose, I guess.

But, although I like being able to pick on this series, and I like to rant about it. This episode well I did not like having to rant about it. I am tempted to hold on knowing I will get hurt by the end at this point. It does have some good to it. But a lot of bad.

The characters, I mean Athena was kind of herself this episode, sort of. But this episode really just did not add anything. The last few episodes, yes it made some character development to characters that seemingly have inconsistent character qualities. So although I like to say that characters can save a series, this is not one they can save.

Personally the fact that Tsurugi gets called cliché I find more and more annoying with each passing episode. He is not the greatest main character. He is more flat and deserves the most inconsistent characterization ever. At least that way he won’t be so boring.

This episode I could have summed up like “They go to Tsurugi’s house, Athena met Lucifer, and possible romance bloomed,” then this would have been over. The events as a whole literally did not do anything, of course I am just repeating this over and over, so time to end this before I go on.

Anyway, although at this point being seven episodes in I still plan to continue watching it. However, if episode eight is worse than this week, then it might be a final review, before the final episode. I still plan on doing a full impression of the series.


If it is a good ep, well I will probably title it a “False Hope” because I know it won’t last.

Overall Enjoyment: 4/10

So, do you think this series can be saved?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

If this happens to be my next to last one for this series or whatever, thanks for having me.

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– Joe