After a week break Dagashi Kashi is back to entertain us once again. But instead of Hotaru having the spotlight for the entire time, Saya gets her fair share of screen time in a heartwarming sequence.

Here’s my review!

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Ah it’s been a while since I wrote about this anime, but after that break I’m back and ready to roll. The overall theme of this week’s ep was playing with you candy before eating it, as it’s something usually frowned upon but there are times where it’s acceptable and this just so happens to be one of those times. Hotaru brings two different gummy candies to our attention, first the Maken gummy then the Super String Q. Both are long stringy gummy candy, each with the ability to play with before eating. Tou discovers one way to use, or maybe abuse, the Maken gummy by using it to flip-up the skirt of his sister in front of Kokonotsu. While we don’t get to see what’s under the skirt, we do find out later that her’s featured stars. How cute.

The Super String Q brought its own fun and games as once again Hotaru tried to trick Kokonotsu into accepting to take over the candy shop by means of a game. Thankfully Hotaru’s luck hasn’t improved since last week and the game ends in a draw. But as much as Kokonotsu denies that he wants to run the candy shop in the future, he always seems to end up in situations where he shows his love for candy as he goes leaping through the air to save a piece of the Super String Q after it breaks when Hotaru was spinning it around at super sonic speeds.

The games continue when Hotaru cracks out a bag of ohajiki. It’s pretty much like playing marbles, where each person takes turns flicking the ohajiki and if you hit another they you get to keep it. As with all games, Hotaru’s luck still isn’t with her so she’s already losing while everyone else, especially Saya, clean the table. It’s then that Hotaru gets another great idea: Saya is a girl with many talents, and in Hotaru’s eyes she’d be a perfect fit to work at the candy shop with Kokonotsu. While Saya is shocked to hear this, as she has feelings for him, she doesn’t decline this idea brought to her by Hotaru. So then, will she take this chance to be closer to the boy she likes?


The second half of this ep is where Saya stole the show and really made this ep great. We get a flashback to a snowy winter day where she was over visiting Kokonotsu. At the time he was very obsessed with candy, so much so that he missed the obvious and it took a little effort before he finally noticed what was in front of him the entire time. Back then Saya’s feelings towards him were more open and up front as she was just a kid and wasn’t afraid about showing how she felt. On the other hand we’ve got the clueless Kokonotsu, his one track mind focused solely on candy and candy alone. So how could she get her feelings across to him?

Enter Yoguret, a nutritional candy that looks like medicine. Being that it’s even made by and packaged by a company that also makes medicine, it’s the perfect candy to use while playing doctor. While this may seem like the prime chance for Saya and Kokonotsu to get up close and personal by “examining” each other, Kokonotsu always avoids this by relying on the Yoguret to cure any and all of Saya’s ailments. Her plan is suddenly ruined and she’s left frustrated by his obliviousness regarding the whole situation.

The high point to this is when all the candy is gone and Kokonotsu is left in tears because of this. Saya tries her best comfort him but the two end up stumbling and landing on the floor in the heap. The force of it all must have been enough as the two land close to each other and their hands touching. Finally Kokonotsu noticed Saya, maybe realizing for the first time just how close they really were. We cut back to present day as Saya was en route to the candy store when she recalled these sweet memories, but figures it’s been so long and Kokonotsu probably doesn’t remember it as most guys in anime never remember the small things from back in the day. But upon arrival Hotaru greets Saya with a familiar package of candy. Yoguret. And guess what, Kokonotsu remembered.

As much as I’m on Team Hotaru, I will admit that Saya has her moments and can be pretty cute, this ep proving that. So after its break I enjoyed the return to the countryside candy store fun, Hotaru was fun as always and Saya had a great part in this ep too. So that’s about it for my thoughts on this ep, let me know what you thought about it in the comments below!

[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 06 [472CA1CB].mkv_snapshot_16.29_[2016.02.20_15.38.24]

That’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next week!


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