Ah a fanservice episode. It’s nothing like it.

It’s a simple little episode that turns the traditions of the beach fanservice episode a bit over on its head.

So the group goes to the beach for some relaxation but Sayuki’s more for some other stuff…

Meaning reenacting some cute anime scenes like the running after each other cutely.

But Yuuki doesn’t get it.

The splashing each other cutely…


Savagery Yuuka and Ando have it.

And after all those fails, you’d think that Sayuki would think ‘Maybe Moe doesn’t translate well into the real world’

Nope she goes for the good old ‘Compare boob sizes in the hot spring’

Now what does she get for her asking?

She gets aggressively molested by Yuuka who’s like a ninja apparently when it comes to boob grabs.

vlcsnap-2016-02-16-23h12m02s496 vlcsnap-2016-02-16-23h12m11s512

And the episode has another tradition about the usual of the summer fireworks near the beach.

And as Bunta and Sayuki start getting closer Yuuka feels farther and farther away from Bunta.

And the episode ends with Yuuka feeling like she’s losing her old friend.

And with the episode ends.

Until the next episode,
Later Days

Extra Pic


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Too adorable from Yuuka.

Usually my links are from Zero-chan but they didn’t have anything good so I’m going to use Pixiv….I thought I was a loyalist…

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