Welp, it is the halfway point. A part of me is finding more enjoyment writing these reviews than watching the show. But, the show I will admit is slowly getting better. However is this slow climb going to do anything by the end? Probably not, unless they pull off some miracle of a twist in the next few episodes. But with how the episodes been focused on a single character, next week will probably focus on that blonde guy. If not their might be just some hope for this show left. Alright, so without further ado let’s get started.


This episode is brought to you by the resident cook and manager of the team, one-dimensional background character, Yukari Nanashoshi. Nanashoshi dreamed that she was still the manager of a soccer team, although the team was her fellow Logistics. She does her things, like cook, and gives Chloe warm cola. But although I really do not understand why someone would warm up soda, it was a cold day and Chloe appreciated.

Nanashoshi makes her rounds helping some guy who is freezing. Ironically enough he was glad Nanashoshi remembered his name and was the only one who does, I obviously don’t remember his name.

Anyway the monster that they are reusing from last week complains how close it is on the monitor after. The dude mentioned the power is out. Which I mean that makes sense? The lights are one, the security works, the computers are one, and there is a means of communication between the two of them? Sure the power is out? Seriously this show. I am still shaking my head, I personally hope it was the translators fault, because that made zero sense.

Logic ep 6 3

Anyway, Nanashoshi goes to spend time with the other converters? The goddesses, I am just calling them since they are all named after some. Anyway, she gets to know them, know their taste thing things like that, gets them coffee. She learns why Artemis chose Nene.

Then came her being a trainee, testing with Athena to transform, she fails, but not as much as the blonde guy, who only took a step before failing. Anyway, she learns that there has to be some form of connection and it is not that simple.

Then if this episode could not somehow get more basic and boring following the life of one of the background characters, it shows her going back to cooking a stew for everyone.

Logic ep 6 8Meanwhile that guy from earlier, whose name I still don’t remember sees the snake guy collapsed. He goes and does the stupid thing and opens the cage to put a blanket over it. Of course the snake guy escapes and uses his body to become the form from last time.

The snake guy holds Nanashoshi hostage. The two talk for a while. They exchange words and get to know each other. Nanashoshi nearly getting eaten in the process, but oh well.

Logic ep 6 9Logic ep 6 10

With everyone but the cliché main character gone and the chief, they decide to collapse the floor beneath Nanashoshi before killing the snake thing. Of course they need to let her know of the plan.

Logic ep 6 11

Long story short they collapse the floor, before delivering the final blow, Nanashoshi gets in the way to protect the snake thing. After the snake guy decides to become Nanashoshi’s partner. After her time healing, the two transform.

She looks like she was eaten by a stuff animal and the episode ends.

Overall thoughts

This episode is in the neutral territory, like last weeks. So far the series hasn’t done anything super amazing. Also before I go on any further time to get the random “Whip of Love” Pic out-of-the-way, as I am starting to treat it as a ritual for this part.

Logic ep 3 9

Enough of that, this episode was predictable. I mean the little snake thing is in the op with Nanashoshi, so it would make sense this episode revolves around these two getting to know one another followed by Nanashoshi being beat up saving snake guy from the Chief’s killing attacks.

It is not that this episode was predictable, in terms of what happened, but it was just alright. Personally this show has not done anything super amazing like I said, it feels like it tries, but at the same time it doesn’t. One of the characters even knows the main character is cliché.

On the other hand it was nice to see the fact the cliché main character was not needed to bring about change, in fact he really did not show up into the episode till late in the second half. I think this episode worked out well putting more focus on Nanashoshi as a whole, then having the other characters come into play to change something about her.

This was one of the better episodes surprisingly, and despite my many problems with this series so far I really hope to see it do something and not just be a show that I need to question exactly what the plot is. I want to see if it can pull something off and be more than just an average series, which right now it is struggling to do.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10

What did you think of this episode?

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