It was announced that the dub of Love Live School Idol Project will premiere on television this past Friday and both season will show on Mnet America every Friday at 9:00 PM EST Time.

Now when this dropped everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off and I don’t blame them. Based entirely on the trailer that we saw, it was going to be bad.

However through my determination and my connections on Reddit, I was able to get a few clips of the first episode so we can get a better view of the voice actresses’s take on the voices.

First however I want to say that NIS America released a statement that they will not dub the songs in ‘preserve the original feeling’ or something like that. Don’t even take me on the quote since it’s just a summation. The point is that they aren’t dubbing the songs which is to be expected. K-ON dubbed everything except the songs when they did the dubs.

So before I give you the clip. Let’s look at the cast.

Some of the names on here have some power behind them. Others are fairly new. I’ll put some of their best roles on here as well as the ones I know best.

Honoka Kousaka will be played by Marieve Herington.

Honoka Eng

She’s definitely a newbie in the world of voice acting but she’s a got a role in the dub of Nananzai no Taizai. However her strength comes her live-action with her Disney work where she has been on How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Good Luck Charlie, and Dog with a Blog.

Eli Ayase will be played by Erica Lindbeck.

Eli Eng

Not someone with a lot of history but she’s got a lot of good roles under her belt. She’s been in the dubs of Aldnoah.Zero, Magi, and she’s the lead in the Kimi no Uso dub.

Kotori Minami will be played by Cristina Vee.

Kotori Eng

Now this is what I want! This is an ace on the dub side! She’s been in Hyperdimension Neptunia(Compa), Bleach(Riruka), Magi(Morgiana), Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha(Honoka Series), Puella Magi Madoka Magica(Homura Akemi), Sword Art Online(Alicia), Fate series(Sakura Matou), K-ON(Mio Akiyama), Sailor Moon(Rei Hino/Sailor Mars).

Umi Sonoda will be played by Kira Buckland.

Umi Eng

I haven’t seen much of her but she does have a high level role in Accel World(Kuroyukihime) and Sailor Moon(Mimete)

Rin Hoshizora will be played by Faye Mata.


She’s a completely new one. She’s only had a small role in Magi(Tiare).

Maki Nishikino will be played by Caitlin Glass.

Maki Eng

Wow, this is the most acest ace to ever be an ace.

She’s been in Attack on Titan(Petra Ral), Black Butler(Hannah Annafellows), A Certain Magical Index(Kikyo Yoshikawa), Date A Live(Ryoko Kusakabe),Fairy Tail(Evergreen), Freezing(Satelizer El Briget), Fullmetal Alchemist(Winry Rockbell), Hyperdimension Neptunia(5pb), One Piece(Nefertari Vivi), Ouran Host Club(Haruhi Fujioka), Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction(Diancie), and School Rumble(Yakumo Tsukamoto).

And those were just the ones I knew. It was at least 50+ roles there.

Nozomi Tojou will be played by Laura Post.

Nozomi Eng

Before I get into her parts…please don’t screw up my waifu Ms. Post. That’s all I ask.

She’s not new but she’s not well seasoned like Caitlin Glass or Cristina Vee. She’s lies in the middle of the new voices and the experienced ones.

She’s been in Hyperdimension Neptunia(Afoire), Kill la Kill(Ragyo Kiriyun), Magi(Meyers), and Sword Art Online(Rosalia).

Hanayo Koizumi will be played by Xanthe Huynh.

Hanayo Eng

That name…it reminds me of my childhood. Let me check something…

Deven checks Teen Titans cast list

STARFIRE! Yay! She gets my approval but let’s check her list.

She’s been in K-ON(Ui Hirasawa), Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha(Suzuka Tsukimura), Puella Magi Madoka Magica(Nagisa Momoe), Sword Art Online(Sachi) and Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha(Yuna Yuki).

Now that’s a name with some weight behind it!

And finally Nico Yazawa will be played by Erica Mendez.

Nico Eng

Another familiar name…let me check…

Deven checks Sword Art Online cast list

Yuuki…the feels…I even watched the dub to see her bring the feels. She’s got me. Let’s check the list before I start crying.

She’s been in Kill La Kill(Ryuuko Matoi), Magi(Aladdin), Sailor Moon(Sailor Uranus), Nanazai no Taizai(Diane), Kimi no Uso(Tsubaki Sawabe), Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha(Fu Inubozaki)

So in all we’ve got, in my opinion, to use high school terms:
4 Seniors(Cristina Vee, Caitlin Glass, Erica Mendez, Xanthe Huyth)
1 Junior(Laura Post)
4 Freshmen(Kira Buckland, Erica Lindbeck, Faye Mata, Merieve Herington)

A decent balance if I say so.

Now let’s check out the trailer and the voice clips

Note: It’s gone…look at this way that trailer sucked. Now you can let the voices do the talking

So here’s the link to someone recording the first episode of the dub.

So I’ll be giving each performance a letter between F and A.

Honoka: A

Reason: Surprisingly Merieve did excellently as Honoka. She’s got the spirit of the character as well as the heart and passion that Honoka’s known for.

Umi: A

Reason: Umi has a more refined and calm personality and voice. She needs have a more polite tone when speaking and Kira definitely hit that perfectly. We didn’t see any of the embarrassed Umi but I think she did well.

Kotori: B

Reason: Maybe it’s just me or the fact that Cristina Vee should be badass but I think that for Kotori she isn’t a good fit. If I could I’d have her playing Maki since Kira does well at being Umi.

Maki: C

Reason: Poor Caitlin. Something about her as Maki doesn’t stick well with me. I can’t feel the Maki-ness in her performance. Maybe I need more time but as for this episode, I’m giving her a C

Hanayo and Rin: N/A

Reason: They weren’t on screen long enough for me to make a decision so rather than base it on the little 2 seconds I do have I’ll wait until later.

Eli: B+

Reason: Erica definitely has Eli’s serious attitude mastered. However that isn’t enough to give her an A. Once I see her playful attitude and she does well at it, she’d get an A.

Nico: A+

Reason: I don’t like Nico at all. I want that to be obvious. However Erica Mendez gives a life to Nico that I didn’t even see in the Japanese version with Sora Tokui. She’s a bit more snarky here and she even insulted Honoka. She’s got Nico down but then again she’d give her all towards this role since she’s a Love Liver too.

Nozomi: B-

Reason: Ms. Post, if you read this, please give Nozomi’s playful side a lot of awesomeness. Please! She has Nozomi’s serious side and in terms of her comforting and being there for Eli is there too. She’ll be at least an A if she’s got Nozomi’s spiritual leader traits and her playful side down.

So that’s it. No one did really horrible job in fact everyone did very well in my opinion save sadly Caitlin Glass. Step your tsundere game up, missy!

So that’s all I’ve got for right now. Expect me to update the scores after I’ve seen the whole thing and got a good look at the English Cast.

So until the next time,
Later days
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