Week 5 of Dagashi Kashi and Hotaru still has enough new candy games and tricks, along with different frilly white tops, to keep the fun going.

Here’s my review.

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As always one of the highlights of each week is watching one of my favorite shows this season, Dagashi Kashi. Hotaru is once again sporting a new frilly white top with her signature long black skirt along with a new piece of candy to play around with. This week we begin with Hotaru and You being extra sketchy with some bottle ramune, the type in an edible wafer bottle filled with sugary powder inside. Of course this powder is totally legal and not something you need to inhale late at night, but nevertheless Hotaru and You are doing just that and it makes for a very funny scene.

But as with all candy in this show, Hotaru gives us a small history lesson about it, meaning the long-awaited return of Glasses Hotaru happens! Whether or not this is better than Hotaru with a ponytail, I’m not sure as both are extremely good. That aside though Hotaru goes on to explain the various ways one can go about eating this candy, ranging from conventional ways to beast like ways. The fun and games don’t last for ever though as Kokonotsu soon realizes that they used to stock this candy in their store, but now it’s revealed that his dad has been eating them on the side. Yeah not helping the business at all buddy.

In an attempt to get more money flowing into the store, You has been making candy review videos on YouTube in hopes of generating interest in his store and the fun candy they sell there. While it’s a good idea and I’ve seen many channels on YouTube that do just that, his videos are extremely bad and just come across as one big cringy mess, as Kokonotsu finds out one night. For someone who runs a candy store, you’d think he’d know all the ins and outs of candy along with its history, much like Hotaru does, but You isn’t like that and once again Kokonotsu steps in and explains the history of Baby Star Ramen.

Honestly I do like these tidbits of information on candy and such as everything in this show is something I’ve more often than not never seen before in stores where I live, so learning a bit about Japanese candy is kinda neat. After watching 5 eps of this anime I really do want to try out some of the cool candy talked about.

Anyways, while Kokonotsu was busy going off on his rant about the history of Baby Star Ramen, You was still recording their happenings and he later went on to upload it to his channel. We cut to the following day where Hotaru is showing this video to Saya, who is really enjoying it. Kokonotsu’s rant turned out to bring in some more views that You was previously getting, so it wasn’t all for naught.

The back half of the ep was another series of highs and lows for Hotaru as she went from her powder addiction to gambling. In yet another sketchy way, Hotaru promises Kokonotsu and Tou an easy way to make some money that involves eating candy. Sticking with the ramen theme, Hotaru introduces us to Yatta! Men, which is a small ramen snack that comes in a container with a peel off lid. The thing about it though is that when you win a prize, instead of getting just another cup of Yatta! Men, you get a coupon (10, 20, 50 or 100 yen) which you can then trade in for 10, 20, 50 or 100 yen worth of candy. It’s an interesting concept that can keep you playing as you have a chance to win free candy in a sense.

The thing is though, Hotaru has terrible luck. I mean really, really terrible luck. Whereas Kokonotsu and Tou with on their first try, Hotaru never wins a single prize and actually ends up opening enough packs for Tou to make a meal out of them. You’d expect someone like Hotaru to have insane luck when it comes to this, winning every time she played, but with tears in her eyes Hotaru reveals that she’s never won a single candy prize in her life.

As if this wasn’t bad enough all ready, Hotaru puts her terrible luck to the test once again in a sour grape gum match against Kokonotsu and Tou. A packages contains 3 pieces of grape candy, 1 being extremely sour. Hotaru is extremely confident in her ability to win this match as she knows a secret trick. But as her bad luck goes, the package of the candy has changed and instead of a character wearing sunglasses, which would normally mark the sour one, there isn’t one anymore. Suddenly Hotaru’s surefire way to win isn’t there anymore, and given how bad her luck is, the rest should be easy to piece together what happens to her.

So after 5 eps some say this weekly adventure through Japanese candy is starting wear thin and it’s losing it’s excitement, but to me it’s still going strong as Hotaru has something new and wild up her sleeve each week. I haven’t gotten tired of this and it’s clear that this isn’t supposed to be some super in-depth story driven anime, rather a laid back slice of life show about candy.

Alright that’s all I’ve gotta say about this week’s ep. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this one, so light up the comments below. One bit of information regarding next week’s ep, due to a special program airing in the time slot for Dagashi Kashi, there will be no ep 6 this week. Ep 6 will air on February 18th, so keep that in mind before asking why there isn’t a new ep this week.

[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 05 [300BF13E].mkv_snapshot_17.46_[2016.02.08_14.08.05]

Okay then that’s all for me. Thanks for reading and I’ll cya later!


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More great Hotaru art! Pixiv Link
More great Hotaru art!
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