So, how can I start this? Well those that read my KonoSuba Review on my own blog (Sorry Nick and everyone for the self-plug), I have been addicted to Final Fantasy Explorers. This has nothing to do with this show other than the fact that I find that game more interesting than it. Also Chloe was on point with, well this next image I will use being actual starting the review.

Logic ep 5 8

Anyway, with that out of the way and me questioning if I should continue these reviews, let’s get started. (More on that second part in the end)


So this is Mana’s episode. I will say this one worked more for her character than last week’s episode about Chloe. Over the last three this was the better of them. Hopefully this is the end of the character development/focused episodes. Somehow I doubt it with the other girl who showed up in episode one, more on my thoughts at the end.

Anyway Mana was abandoned as a child. Surprisingly not like the cliché “They forgot her at a rest stop” or “Leaving on a doorstep.” No, she was put into a coin locker. In all honesty she was lucky she did not suffocate in there.


She visits that same coin locker every now and again to see if the letter she leaves for her parents gets taken.

Logic ep 5 3

Alright let me stop right here since this frustrated me. WHY? JUST WHY? Her parents put her in a locker and yet she still waits for them. She does not say if she wants to know why they abandon her or if she wants to be with them again or if she just wants to kill them. That to me just annoyed me.

Tsurugi doing the obvious main character things to get to know her more. Dad and the imouto show up only to be themselves in advice. Then there is obvious foreshadowing with Over Trance and Mana wanting to know about it (and in her episode none the less).

Logic ep 5 4
I honestly did not realize the caption for this one. My god that line perfectly sums up the fact this is another episode like this.

Let’s continue. A Foreigner appears, so they naturally go to stop it. Personally right now I have a political joke that I am now realizing, but I will not say it. It is a giant snake. So the crew goes to stop it like always.

Logic ep 5 6

Just like every generic way of making sure that the character has focus on them when it is there episode Yurine and Chloe get sent back immediately after five seconds. The snake conveniently sets off venom to them that forces them to Untrance.

Logic ep 5 5

So they retreat, since like an actual snake this one sees with heat through the senses in its tongue (Brownie points for me from actually remembering something from my biology class, even though I doubt I learned it there).  Reason why I say that the snake senses heat is due to Mana’s invisibility attack thing. Anyway she gets bit a lot.

Then with the fact they retreated and Mana recovering. It is soon learned the snake is taking power from the city. This puts a time limit on the situation. By tomorrow the reserve power in the hospitals will be out. (Since apparently emergency evacuating them was not an option?)

Anyway Mana obviously escapes only to even more obviously ask to do Over Trance. I think I even did a tweet about all this foreshadowing and obvious things they were doing this episode. If my tweets were not currently protected I would add it in. But here is a basic picture of what I used for it. Logic ep 5 7

Before I start with another paragraph with anyway, Tsurugi chases after Mana. He says the even more cliché hero like lines that she is not alone and people here care for her. This gives her the confidence to slay the monster.

Mana goes back into recovering, gives a faint laugh, and everyone is happy. The snake thing, which is also attached to that one girl’s arm in the opening during the bicycle scene, he mentions something about these kids being interesting and his bet with Lucifer is not done yet.

Logic ep 5 9

End of episode….finally.


Overall Thoughts

Despite the fact that a majority of me watching this episode came off somewhat as a rant and somewhat as a joke, I liked writing about it. Unlike last weeks, that is for sure.

As for the episode, despite my obvious problems with plot holes, stupid clichés, and just a lot of it, the episode was alright.

For the series as a whole, it has a lot going for it. It has a general idea for a good concept. It just keeps being poorly done. The character development is being predictable on an episode to episode basis. Personally I like character development done over time. That would have been a better approach with this series since there are a lot of people to begin with. If the group was just two besides the main character, maybe, but probably not for pulling it off the way they have been.

I hope the next episode focuses not on the characters for once and actually progresses whatever story and plot this show has now since I really do not know what that is.

This show has a lot of problems with it. I probably would still be watching it ever if I was not reviewing it. I just probably would not be as aware of all its faults. But I want to stick with this show for as long as I can, even if by the end this ends up on my Least Favorite anime list.

However, like I said at the start. I did like this episode more than the last two.

Plus I think I will continue, providing (Again sorry for the shameless plug) I keep it like my KonoSuba reviews, only add the rant-ish part to it as much as the comedic.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10

Logic ep 3 9
What is a Luck and Logic Review without this pic now?

So, what were your thoughts on the episode?


As always I hope you enjoyed.

Sorry about all the shameless self-plugs this review, but whatever for once.

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– Joe