So here we are with another week of this mediocre show.

Here’s my review.

If Glasslip taught me one thing, it’s that I shouldn’t fall for the tease that something good might happen the longer I watch. After 4 weeks of HaruChika I’m wondering if I’ve fallen for that tease which should be so easy to identify. But as there still is time to salvage this situation and I think there is only one safe course of action to take regarding this show, that being drop it. If I continue to wait for a good ep I’ll be too far into this and dropping it then will be so much harder. I said I was cracking down on my policy of dropping a show I don’t like, so I’m sticking to that as it’s always for the best.

[GJM-Vivid] Haruchika ~Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru~ - 04 [5CC52C64].mkv_snapshot_01.48_[2016.02.01_15.00.57]

Enter ep 4 of this show. New week, new mystery to solve, new ways for Haruta to show-off his Gary Stu detective abilities. It’s things like this that I don’t like about this anime as on paper and even in the preview it looked like it had potential. But  after 4 eps it’s looking to be like a slice of life anime with mystery elements. Like I said none of the 4 eps have been completely shit and given me a reason to hate this show with a passion, so in those regards I’m still trying to give this show a chance to do something and save itself from becoming Glasslip 2.

So this time around we finally had someone who could knock Haruta off his high horse and make him less annoying for a few minutes. Who is this? His older sister Mimami Kamijou, a rather well endowed blonde girl and also an architect. What’s more is that we learn about Haruta’s two other sisters who are an illustrator and a chiropractor, both well off and successful. On the other hand we have Haruta who’s not only gay for his male teacher, but is also living in a chicken coop because his rundown apartment building was demolished. I wish I was making this up, but I’m not.

Having 3 sisters who have done something respectful with their lives really puts pressure on Haruta to also perform well in life. But this ep isn’t about family issues, rather it’s about Haruta trying to find a new place to live that isn’t a shit filled chicken coop. His options are rather limited though as his new dwellings need to be within walking distance of school (apparently he doesn’t own a bike) and has to be within a certain budget. Haruta suggests he stay with Kusakabe until he finds a good place, but thankfully Chika saves the day by making it her mission in life to make sure that never happens under any circumstances. Thank you Chika.

Enter the mystery of the week, ghostly sounds in a seemingly normal apartment building. If you’re expecting this to turn into something good, well you’re in for a disappointment as nothing good really comes of this. To be honest these mysteries of the week are pretty… lame and unentertaining as well. So as we’ve got another mystery to solve, it’s time for Haruta to go all Gary Stu on us again and solve it in his usual fashion.

This seemingly normal apartment that they’ve found has some supernatural problems, or at least that’s what everyone thinks. The landlord inherited the building from his uncle who enjoyed playing pranks on everyone, so he thinks this whole mystery house is some kind of elaborate joke and because of that no one wants to live there, and with his wife bring pregnant and inheritance tax to pay, there isn’t enough money for it all. So he’s looking to sell the place and use that money to help out the situation he’s found himself in.

After seeing the few clues in the apartment and hearing what the landlord had to say, Haruta goes to work doing what he normally does, and solves the mystery. It’s nothing amazing by the end as I had figured it out long before we got to that point. Turns out the sounds people kept hearing in the night, metal clinking kinda like the staff of a priest, was actually the sound of coins being dropped into a secret hole in the wall. Over the years these 500 yen coins piled up and at the end of the ep they find them all via giant key stuck into keyhole on the outside of the building. In a not so pretty CG scene, all these 500 yen coins fill the lawn and save the landlord from his trials he was facing.

Eh, so what started off as potentially good with Haruta’s family situation, turned into another random mystery for the gang to solve in their usual fashion. That’s pretty much what every ep has been like so far, potentially good stories sidelined by random not even interesting mysteries.

Honestly I think dropping this anime is the best course of action, like I said in the outset I’m pretty sure that going forward it’s just gonna be one big tease and nothing good will actually happen. While I’ve toyed with the idea of starting up reviews on Phantom World, an anime I’m really loving this season despite everyone hating on it for one reason or another, starting off 5 eps in isn’t something that appeals to me. So I’ll stick with just Dagashi Kashi and not pick up anything else.

So that’s what I thought of this ep, let me know your thoughts about it in the comment section below!

That’s all for me, I’ll cya guys later!


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