Alright the four episode mark, yes I made it. I would like to say I do have something to say for my thoughts on this series. However I will hold that off till the end and just get straight to what the episode was about.

It begins with a flashback. Although at first one would just think it was a new character. Yurine, with a different look, was fighting a monster. Obviously she killed it instantly and Chloe chases after her saying she will be the best attacker and wants to be a Logicalist.Logic ep 4 1

Then present day happens, although since she was wearing the same outfit it took me awhile to realize it was present day. Anyway Chloe ran to the site of the 9.8 Paradox Zone. There other people are investigating the event. The Chief tells her to be careful and not to bother anyone. Yurine also says the same thing.

Chloe goes off on her own searching for clues. By the way it is her episode, I hope that was clear by now. Anyway she goes snooping around finds a few things, talks to the girl who was with Lucifer at the end of the last episode. While this is happening the team tries to find this girl too, only with a camera from their base and not in person like Chloe. Needless to say Yurine did not like this.

Then another Paradox Zone goes off, in multiple locations. Chloe goes solo on one group, when they were told to stick together. She really does not want to play well with others. Tsurugi was hurt badly, literally getting hit by a truck.

Logic ep 4 4

Then, although my memory of the episode I just watched got a little fuzzy, then some things happened before the alarm went off again and Chloe was fighting with Yurine.

Tsurugi rested and somehow looking good for someone who was hit by a truck goes out to fight the same creature again. They were bubbles, which was weird. Anyway while he was getting attacked by over 500 bubbles Chloe and Yurine are still arguing, while they wait till their logic is recovered enough to Trance again.

Logic ep 4 5
Seriously just lying in bed after being hit.

The two throw reasons why they don’t like one another. Chloe does not like getting her friends hurt while she goes solo, but she just wants to do things her own way.

The two eventually trance and save Tsurugi in the nick of time as he runs out of Trance. The true boss, I guess, appears and with the Paradox Level rising, Chloe and Yurine team up to deal the final blow.

The episode concludes with Athena mentioning she saw Lucifer and he was the one with the Paradox Level so high.

Overall Thoughts

I was bored. That was one of the biggest reasons why I hardly have any pictures and explaining the episode was done so quickly. If I find it boring I find it hard to take good pictures and writing a lot about it.

Logic ep 3 9
I was bored enough to go look for the Whip of Love pic from last time. Also did not want to leave this area picture free.

I really do not know why this week I found it boring. There was just something about it I did not like. Perhaps it was just that one episode. Unfortunately for original series that one episode I find slightly boring tends to be a sign, a not really good sign for the future of it. I was wrong before with this feeling and I hope I am wrong now.

Perhaps this episode just felt rather slow. The villain this week was bubbles and a clown looking thing. I mean on one hand I do like how they are giving attention to the characters. But prior to this week I never got any of those feelings from Chloe. It just seemed like they threw it out there. I did not really see her as the girl who charges in and disobeys orders. She did not really come off as that character and still doesn’t.

To me this episode was not the greatest. Episode one was alright, episode two gave world building which was nice, and I do like the conflict and beginning of the character development in episode three yet it felt a little slow. This episode just did not sit well to me. I wish the show had previews for the next episode since I personally would like some reassurance.

Luck & Logic has interesting concepts, it is just so far the last two episodes they have been executing them poorly and I hope it changes. I assume next episode will be focused on another character, and possibly after that it can go on and have some sort of story since it is building up Lucifer as an antagonist. Hopefully I am right and there will be a change or at least better character development.


Overall Enjoyment: 4/10


What were your thoughts on this episode?


As always I hope you enjoyed.

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