Another week of Hotaru and her wild antics.

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Man we’re moving along fast as its week 4 already. Dagashi Kashi seems pretty well established as to what type of anime it’ll be for the remaining 8 eps, so I just hope it’ll stick to delivering the fun each week as eps 3 & 4 did. So what fun could be had this week, well with Hotaru it’s never a dull moment and her imagination when it comes to candy is second to none.

This week she’s got some candy games planned for her and Kokonotsu that involve a taste testing challenge with fugashi. If you’re unfamiliar as to what exactly that is, I was too don’t worry, Hotaru explains it in great detail. Basically it’s made of wheat gluten and black sugar and apparently it’s healthy enough to be a women’s diet snack too. Hotaru goes on to explain that there are many different types of fugashi, nearly all which she has brought for this challenge.

As for as rules for this challenge go, they’re quite simple: whoever identifies the most correctly wins. To make things a little more kinky challenging, Hotaru adds that they can’t use their hands for this as it would be easier to identify the fugashi. Now all tied up with her hands behind her back, the challenge can begin. This candy game has taken a sudden sexualized turn and is borderline bondage play. I’m not into that fetish at all, but for this sequence I could make a small exception.

All tied up and ready to play Source Link
All tied up and ready to play
Source Link

I love how things progress from them feeding each other the candy, to throwing it baseball style into each others mouths. As we saw last time with Hotaru, she’s got quite the throwing arm and she uses it once again. Kokonotsu realizes he’s got to pull out all the stops to win this game, but even using his secret weapon, a special cherry flavored fugashi exclusive to a certain region, isn’t enough to slow Hotaru. She really is amazing when it comes to all things candy.

Not lewd at all. Source Link
Not lewd at all.
Source Link

While we never see the conclusion to this game, it does end in a humorous way as Hotaru steps out to get some drinks to satisfy her dry mouth, but as she does she leaves Kokonotsu all tied up. I was expecting Saya to walk in but it’s his father who walks in on his son blindfolded and all tied up. Very awkward.

The back half of this ep is where the glorious ponytail Hotaru makes her appearance as yes she really was amazing. But the context leading up to that moment is also important. While over at the cafe visiting Tou and Saya, Kokonotsu was drawing aimlessly and ending up making two surprisingly nice pictures of Hotaru and Saya. Remember he is an aspiring manga artist, so his drawing skills are quite good. But once Tou notices he takes it upon himself to add the key features Kokonotsu missed, those being boobs. It’s not that he didn’t draw them, he just failed to bring out the size difference between Saya and Hotaru. Gotta remember the important details.

To make matters worse Kokonotsu ends up forgetting his notebook at the cafe when he leaves and only remembers once he’s back at the candy store. If Saya happens to see that picture then he’s in for some trouble. With a critical situation on his hands, trust Hotaru to come up with a brilliant candy inspired plan to make things better. Tying her purple hair up into a ponytail Hotaru reveals her plan to get back to the cafe. Glico caramel apparently gives you enough energy from one piece to allow you to run 300 meters, so doing the math Hotaru explains that they’ll use this to help them run back to the cafe in time.

This sequence had a surprising amount of math as the two of them took into consideration the distance to the cafe, how many candies it would take for them to get there, the time it would take for them to get there, how fast they needed to be running to get there, along with the height and weight of each person and the time it takes to burn through the 16 kilocalories from each candy. I’m not the best at math, but from how they put it, it seemed pretty good. If you want to do the math yourself and figure out if it’s legit or not be my guest, but I’ll just leave it in their hands as they seemed to know what they were doing.

While all this math is great and everything, Kokonotsu comes to a terrible realization with only 300 meters left to the cafe: each box of candy only contains 4 pieces. He’d forgotten that important bit of information and now he’s all out of candy. It looks to be over now, Saya will end up finding the notebook and see the picture of her and Kokonotsu will have hell to pay for it. So close yet so far. But wait! It’s not over yet! Hotaru knew from the start there were only 4 per box, so she never intended to finish this race. It’s a very an unselfish action on Hotaru’s part, sacrificing herself to let Kokonotsu achieve victory, so will her actions be in vain?

Sadly they are. Kokonotsu fails to get to the cafe in time and Saya finds the notebook and the picture inside. So for all that effort put into running there, doing the math and sacrificing herself in the end, Hotaru’s efforts weren’t enough to get him there in time. But for the record it was a valiant effort on each of their parts, pulling out all the stops to make it, sadly things just didn’t turn out the way they wanted.

So looking back at this ep I actually really enjoyed it. Hotaru once again provided a fun filled 24 minutes that left me laughing as always. Like I mentioned at the outset, Dagashi Kashi has pretty much established what type of anime it’s going to be, a slice of life comedy show, and if they do indeed stick to this and executed it well then it’ll be something that will continue to be enjoyable for the remaining 8 eps.

That’s all I’ve gotta say for this ep, so I’d love to hear what you thought of this ep. Let me know in the comments below!

A thanks and shout out to Joe (not editor Joe but the other Joe) for letting me use a couple of pics and gifs in this review. Be sure to stop by his blog and read his thoughts on this ep.

Alright then that’s it for this review, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next time!


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Since it's trending right now. Source Link
Since it’s trending right now.
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