For starters I am getting better to just go right into the plot of the episode instead of my long-winded begins that I used to do. Anyway Just wanted to mention I plan on keeping this show at least for a few more weeks since I do not see many things wrong with it. Anyway let’s get started.

Well last week Tsurugi was appointed team leader and Yurine did not take that all too well. Tsurugi is worried about it since he knows Yurine was not to welcoming with the fact the new guy just stole her position from her. He is bothered by this fact and Athena mentions she knows that he is thinking.

Logic ep 3 1

The following day the other new girl, Yukari decides to cook for everyone, especially with what happened last time with Cloe’s cooking. She wanted to be helpful and make food for everyone. Yurine did not seem too pleased and after a few bites left the table. Olga was there as well, since apparently now he wants to be around everyone (I honestly do not know. Although they did try to pretend he does not exist.)

Logic ep 3 2

Yurine works on a letter to apologize that she is no longer team leader. (I honestly forgot who the letter was for). Meanwhile Tsurugi decides to ask the Chief more about Yurine. She apparently wanted to be a doctor when she was 13. However her Logistic ability was rather high so she had to become one of the members. She wants to help people and sees all life as precious. Yurine wants to help people any way she can so she does her best.

Logic ep 3 3

Then the talk is interrupted by not one, but two Paradox Zones. One that is level 4.0 and the other being 4.2. The teams split up into two. With Cloe and Mana being one team and Tsurugi and Yurine being the other. (Super illogical to put the two offensive people on one team and defensive on the other in my opinion, but there is a reason for this later).

Logic ep 3 7The two creatures that are attack are a Succubus and Incubus. Succubus for those that do not know are a female creature that try to take the life force through man using their sexual desires. Incubus is the male version and does the same with female. Only difference in this series is they target people for their Logic.

Anyway to put it easily enough Cloe and Mana take out the Incubus rather quickly. The fights did switch between the two groups. Cloe served as a distraction and Mana went for the kill. The two worked rather well together.

Logic ep 3 8

Then there was the other two. Yurine was told to use her attack to kill the Succubus. She did not want to. Also her attack was called Whip of Love. This is the second show this season to have an attack called Whip of Love. I mean I know I made a Sadist joke about it on Twitter, and it still holds up, but to have two different shows with the same attack this season, kind of feels bland and unoriginal on both series parts. The show in question is Nurse Witch Kogumi R if anyone was wondering.

Logic ep 3 9

That’s beside the point, Yurine does not want to attack. She holds life precious as previously mentioned, and that includes enemies as well. She does not attack freezing up long enough for the Succubus to escape. She was punished for disobeying orders later.

Tsurugi then talks to Athena about what happened and how that bothered him. Athena says that she loves him, which catches him off guard. Unfortunately this is not “I love you so let’s be in a relationship,” this was “I love you pauses for a moment because insert quality here so it is actually admiring.” So with that out-of-the-way and cleared up rather quickly, much to my disappointment.

Anyway, another alarm goes off. The Succubus returned. This time the Chief decides to go in since everyone is still recovering. Personally I do not like her design at all for her outfit. I do like the little hat though. She attacks not even full force. Tsurugi thinks she was, but it was just a normal attack.

Logic ep 3 12
It looks like the uniforms they all wear. It does not stand out much at all. Even the mask itself is bland looking. They could have chosen a different color scheme to at least make her stand out more.

Her attacks were hurting anyone that got in the way. So innocent civilians were getting hurt. She did not care and was more focused on taking out the Foreigner. Besides me finally remembering the terms they are using. Yurine shows up to try to heal the injured people. Ultimately she goes to the fight and in order to prevent any more destruction she has to give the final blow. The Chief tells her to kill the monster. Tsurugi tells her not to. Ultimately she does. She acknowledges that although she wants to save and protect all life, she does not want to protect those who wish it harm.

The group then eats a meal together for a bit. They do not care that Yurine is no longer the team leader and will treat her the same as always. While everyone is having fun another alarm goes off. A Paradox Zone Level 9.8. It was only there for an instant before disappearing. Athena went off and met another one like them, Lucifer. He says a few things before ultimately the episode ends.

Logic ep 3 13

Overall Thoughts

For starters I do like the show. It just really has no clue on where it is going. What I mean by this is a villain, although at the end of the episode Lucifer could indeed be this villain. It is just building up, and my speculation from last week could be true. Anyway how they are actually doing character development I do not mind. I rather enjoy this approach. It brings up more conflict.

The Chief forcing Yurine bugs me. This does bring up the idea of who do you follow and right from wrong and all those types of conflict. It was rather well done. Might want to mention that Nemesis, are like other characters in this series and is mythical in some way. She is the Greek god that dealt with disputes and deals with retribution. So, there you go. Personally I could not remember the exact, since these things fascinate me and I know a lot about Greek Mythology. It thought maybe because of this The Chief could be a villain down the line.

When it comes to some parts of the show, Tsurugi especially, he is just cliché. I do like how they play it off as a joke. But at the same time the past two episodes he kind of took a back seat. Last week was about world building and a little on the group. This week was more on Yurine. Although the show says 12 episodes, it feels like it needs to be split cour if they want to go beyond the characters with how they are building it up the first three episodes.

Logic ep 3 14

Logic ep 3 6The fight this episode was also rather interesting. I did like how it was not like the monster in the first two episodes, but something more humanoid. The battle was different since instead of a tackle or a bite from a monster they could use there hands and more combat ready.

There is more, like the potential yuri this series could have, as seen in the transformations, but I will talk about that some other time.

As for the episode as a whole. I did enjoy it as mentioned. I might have become a little side tracked with the show as a whole. But I did like the conflict and the potential this series is showing. It might not be my favorite this season. But it is slowly working its way back to looking forward to it weekly.


Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

Not sure if I mentioned it here, but the final episode I will be doing a review on the series as a whole.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode. As well if you think you will stick with it longer or not.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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