Here we are at week 3 of HaruChika and to be honest I’m having doubts now.

Here’s my review.

I had worried about something like this happening going into HaruChika, but after 3 eps I’m starting to wonder if my gut feeling was right. Honestly this ep was full of plot holes, big ones that they don’t even try to address at all. Haruta is quickly moving from a smart guy into the Gary Stu category too as he does somethings that I’m seriously questioning now.

[GJM-Vivid] Haruchika ~Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru~ - 03 [A6047D7C].mkv_snapshot_02.08_[2016.01.23_14.01.24]

Compared to the first 2 eps this one wasn’t a strong one, more like confusing. The focus wasn’t on the band club this time as they’ve gained lots more members after Narushima joined, rather the focus was on the drama club and this new guy named Sei Maren. To make a long story short, and because I don’t want to space of this info over the course of this entire review, Maren is a Chinese-American student who was seemingly abandoned by his real parents in China because of the one child policy and because his legs were messed up. An American couple adopted him, healed his legs and taught him how to play the saxophone too as they’re talented musicians. One day Maren receives a suitcase from China containing stuff from his parents and a note saying his had a little brother now and they wanted to see him again.  But Maren doesn’t want to see them as he feels they abandoned him. That’s pretty much the background story for him. But how do Haruta and Chika fit in?

They run across him while helping out the drama club one day but notice he’s really not fitting in. After all he used to be in the band club and playing the sax but now he’s not. Hmm, strange. But instead of just asking him to quit the drama club and join the band as he’s better suited for it, Haruta and Chika have to get passed two drama club members, Shunya Nagoe and Yaeko Fujima. I’ll admit that yes this was clever how they did the whole exit game thing, but watching this at 1:30 AM left my mind spinning.

During this sequence Haruta, Chika and Narushima have to work together against Nagoe, Fujima and the drama club to make one person on the other team exit stage right. After watching this part a couple of times, it makes a little more sense, but it’s still kinda strange.

To make this long story short too, Haruta as usual outwits the opponents with his scheming and now Gary Stu like abilities as he somehow knows everything about Maren and, here’s the kicker, somehow gets his hands on this suitcase from China that was sitting in Maren’s room in his closet. How did he do that, I have no idea and they don’t even bother explaining. Seriously that was probably what did it for me, you can’t just show up out of nowhere with something like that.

The whole reason for this exit game was to get Maren to leave the drama club and join the band, but to also prove to him that his real parents actually still do love him and didn’t abandon him like he thinks. But they still didn’t give any explanation as to how Haruta knew every single little detail about Maren’s life and was able to get this suitcase from his house to the school. I can’t overlook something like that as it’s a core point to this ep’s story and having one character suddenly know all the information like that without explaining how, it’s just got Gary Stu written all over it.

So with that said, all’s well that ends well apparently. The staged performance got through to Maren and made him realize the truth. As usual Haruta kept Chika in the dark for the entire time, so seeing her kick him in the ass once again was quite satisfying as I’m pretty sure that’s what we all wanted at this point. Looking at this ep as a whole though, it wasn’t good. I’m getting Glasslip vibes from this anime and that’s a very bad sign. Sure I’ll give it one more to see if this was just a fluke and it’ll be back to normal next week, but honestly if this is going south then count me out.

That’s what I thought of this week’s installment of HaruChika, let me know your thoughts of it in the comments below!

Alright then, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next week!


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