In its second outing, HaruChika continues to remind me of Hibike! Euphonium, which still isn’t a bad thing. Also, another mystery to solve.

Here’s my review!

We’re in week 2 of HaruChika and so far things are still going well. So far this anime isn’t exactly going heavy on the mystery elements as this time around it was still pretty light and thanks to Haruta’s smarts they solve this week’s mystery is rather quick fashion. This could be a problem going forward as I was hoping for a bit more mystery than musical love notes or Rubik’s cubes, but as it’s still got 10 eps remaining, I guess there is plenty of time left for a bigger mystery to happen. Plus we’ve still got the mystery of the teacher, Kusakabe, to solve.

[GJM-Vivid] Haruchika ~Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru~ - 02 [E8FB24A5].mkv_snapshot_01.55_[2016.01.18_13.32.16]

But for this week’s ep the focus was on getting more members for the band. After all they still want to compete in an upcoming competition and to do that they’ll need more people. Of course we all know that at some point they will as the flash forward in the beginning of ep 1 showed them about to take the stage at a competition. Back to the present though; in a very Euphonium fashion the band is out before class playing their instruments at a booth in order to attract attention and hopefully some new members. As Chika isn’t anywhere near to being good yet she’s assigned to hand out fliers. Of course Haruta words this suggestion in a way that earns him a kick in the ass from Chika. Oh how I love the interactions between these two so much.

Enter Miyoko Narushima, a talented oboe player that Haruta has had his eye on for quite some time. She’s exactly the type of girl he wants in the band as in middle school her band earned a silver in a big competition. However Narushima isn’t interesting in playing in school bands anymore and no matter what Haruta and Chika say she’s got no intention of accepting their invite. A sequence I really loved in this ep was when Haruta and Chika go get some juice for Narushima to try to sway her into joining them. The banter between Haruta and Chika once they return is excellent, they play so well off each other and it makes me like them so much more. Things like that are what I really like to see, great character interactions, and so far these two are killing it.

As the episode progresses Haruta and Chika soon discover why Narushima isn’t interested in school bands anymore. While she was in middle school her younger brother died and she blames herself because she used to spend lots of time with him before she joined the school band. With her practicing all the time she feels like she neglected him and wasn’t there during his final moments. All in all it’s a legit reason why she’d want to distance herself with being in a school band as it would bring back all these negative feelings, yet Haruta still wants to have her on the team.

To add some mystery to this situation, Narushima’s brother enjoyed making puzzles for his older sister and liked watching her solve them. However one puzzle he made has proved to be extremely challenging for Narushima and she can’t seem to solve it. Narushima feels as if it’s her punishment for not being there in his final hours. Giving this Rubik’s cube to Haruta, Narushima says that i they can solve this impossible puzzle by the end of Friday then she’ll consider joining the school band. What makes this Rubik’s cube so hard? Well, every side is white. No wonder she was left puzzled.

Once again Haruta show boats his skill and with the help of Chika he’s able to solve this puzzle, but more importantly help Narushima move on from her year of grieving and look ahead to the future. I will admit it was pretty clever how they unwrapped the Rubik’s cube mystery, I was kinda expecting that but seeing it all play out was decent. But like I mentioned at the outset, these are still just small time mysteries, as of yet nothing big has happened so I hope we get a decent multi-episode mystery happening in the future.

So looking back at this second ep, I think it did pretty well and has kept me interested in this anime and where it might be taking us. Haruta and Chika make a great detective duo, both bringing different methods to the table to solve the mysteries presented for them. Plus I love their interactions and how they converse with each other. Haruta is very much so the brains of it all while Chika while not as smart as Haruta, add depth with her own charm and way of viewing things. Sure they’re not as interesting or Sherlock-like as Sakurako was last season, but in their own way they’re still a solid team of musical detectives.

One final point that I like in this anime is the music. As expected its top notch, but this week did something small that I really liked a lot. During the end when Narushima takes her oboe out of its case and plays a bit, I love how her playing flowed perfectly with the background music that was already playing at the time. It was just a small thing, but that really stood out for me as something rather neat.

After 2 eps HaruChika still plays all the right notes, so this one is looking like a keeper for the season. We’ll see how it goes next week though as the final ep of its trial  approaches. Right then, what did you think of this second ep? Let me know in the comments below!

[GJM-Vivid] Haruchika ~Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru~ - 02 [E8FB24A5].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2016.01.18_14.10.10]

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya guys next time!


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