Dagashi Kashi is moving right along with its second ep already! Let’s take a look at what Hotaru, Kokonotsu and Saya are up to this week.

Here’s my review!

So I’ll start off by saying I didn’t enjoy this ep as much as I did the opener last week. Does that mean I hate this show now? Absolutely not. Dagashi Kashi is still full of charm and silliness, but this wasn’t as enjoyable as last week was. There were moments that I enjoyed in this ep, Hotaru never fails to amuse me, but yeah it felt like something was lacking.

As mentioned Hotaru never failed to amuse me as she did last week, I don’t think I could ever get tired of her, and as always she was up to her crazy ways throughout this ep. Take the first half for example, her lecture to Kokonotsu about how to eat Kinako sticks was hilarious to watch and seeing Hotaru wearing glasses, well that just hit all the right points for me.

Hotaru wearing glasses is perfect.
Hotaru wearing glasses is perfect.
...sexy Source Link
Source Link
Those clothes, those glasses, those nails, I love Hotaru so much. Source Link
Those clothes, those glasses, those nails, I love Hotaru so much.
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Why so serious, Hotaru? Source Link
Why so serious, Hotaru?
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But Hotaru wasn’t done with entertaining. In an attempt to better understand what being an adult is like, she suggests the two of them drink some fake beer as it’ll make them feel more mature and adult like. Sadly her plan might have backfired as Hotaru ended up getting very drunk off this off non-alcoholic beer and we got to see a whole new side to her. Drunk Hotaru is maybe even more hilarious than sober Hotaru.

Would you become an adult with her? Source Link
Would you become an adult with her?
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We're drinking tonight!
We’re drinking tonight!

The second half though felt like it took up too much time with Hotaru’s story about whistling Ramune candy. It took a couple of times rewatching this sequence to get the most out of it, as there was a point to this story Hotaru was telling, but the first time I saw it, it just was kinda meh. What she’s trying to get across is obvious to the viewers, that Kokonotsu needs to continue on in his father’s footsteps and keep the candy store open and in business, and for once the MC actually gets the point of it too. I was surprised to see that happen as the MC is usually some brain dead guy. While Kokonotsu still isn’t sold on the idea, Hotaru wins Saya over as she makes her realize that without the candy store, there won’t be anymore candy for her to get. And also because she likes Kokonotsu too.

Best girl on the scene! Source Link
Best girl on the scene!
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The following part with Hotaru, Kokonotsu and Says playing a card game wasn’t the most exciting either, at least to me. Once again yes it had its funny moments here and there, but it wasn’t all out hilarious like ep 1 was last week. I guess you can’t expect every ep to be amazing, but for a follow up to last week I have to say I’m disappointed a bit.

So looking back at it all, the strong points for sure come in the first half. Hotaru is still the different sort of female lead character and I love that about her. She says and does silly things and with her around it’s never a dull moment. So far she’s kept the silliness level at a tolerable one, but there still is a chance for this to cross my threshold and become straight up annoying. Thankfully it’s not at that point and I really hope it doesn’t reach that point.

Another point I liked about this ep was seeing Kokonotsu, Hotaru and Saya hanging out together; they make a great group the three. I hope they don’t start bringing in too many other characters as watching them do things is fine as it is. That’s an issue I had with a few other anime in the past, things were working out fine with just a small group of characters then once a bunch of new ones are introduced the charm is totally lost and it’s not as fun anymore. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tou or You dropping in every once and a while, they were fun to see in the first ep, but keeping the story focused on just these three kids seems, at least in my opinion, a lot better. We’ll see how that all pans out though in the coming eps.

[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 02 [F32D3D61].mkv_snapshot_02.00_[2016.01.17_19.06.22]

All in all this is still very much The Hotaru Show, every time she’s on screen all the attention is directed towards her and what she’ll do next. From her carrying in that kid who was selecting an ice cream bar after winning, to her somehow getting drunk from non-alcoholic beer, she’s one crazy thing after another and she always gets me laughing with her antics.

So personally I felt this was a tad bit weak after ep 1, but it was still good in some parts. After 2 eps I’m enjoying Dagashi Kashi nevertheless and I’m looking forward to next week and what crazy things Hotaru will be up to then. Right then, that’s what I thought of this ep, what are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment down below!

I’m still not fully decided on which subs I’ll be using for the remaining 10 eps, it’s a toss up between Mori or Commie, but whatever subs I choose to get I’m aiming to have these reviews out faster. This week it was delayed due to my own laziness and because I had work on my other blog to do. But now that HaruChika ep 2 is out, I’ve really gotta pick up the pace and get these reviews out. Speaking of HaruChika, I’m aiming to have that out hopefully sometime Monday.

Okay then that’ll wrap things up for this review, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next time!


A special thanks and shout out to Joe (not our editor Joe, but the other Joe) for letting me use a few gifs and pics from his review of Dagashi Kashi ep 2. Be sure to stop by and check our his thought on his blog!

Bonus Pic!

More Hotaru art! Source Link
More Hotaru art!
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