Alright the second episode. The focus on the plot for this episode will be a little shorter, well shorter by my standards anyway. Which my short posts are typically other people’s long posts. Instead I will be doing a brief speculation on the future of this series.

The first half can really be described rather quickly. The episode was light on action and plot and was more focused on world building and the team itself, which was a rather good choice, since they introduced everyone in the first episode, but did not really give them a proper introduction.

The episode begins with Tsurugi having a dream about Athena. He wakes up and Athena was apparently dreaming about him. This was due to the fact they shared their logic with one another. (Which to me unless it was the same dream it makes no sense really). Anyway Tsurugi talks with the director of the organization, who praises him for what happened two years ago. He also mentions that the next few days Tsurugi will be monitored and tested.

Logic ep 2 1

Tsurugi meets with another male Logicalist, Orga Brakechild. He was the guy at the end of the first episode, at least I think he was. Anyway he says Tsurugi will meet with infortune over the next few days.

Tsurugi meets with the other members of his group and ask who Orga is, none feel like responding. They begin there little time together and actually informing us, the views a little more about the world in the form of a test for the characters. After that they then go eat a meal together. It was Chloe’s cooking, which one member said it was hit or miss. By this the burger was good, but the sauce Tsurugi had been, well it made him rush away for the bathroom.

Logic ep 2 2
Best name ever for a beast of a burger like that.

His imouto called to remind of him of her existence. It was about their dad bringing home the matador lady. Which I am only talking about so I could post a funny picture, in all honesty.

Logic ep 2 4
Poor Imouto

The group finally introduces themselves on who they air. Yurine mentions as the team leader she has a high amount of hours, over two hundred logged in for combat and the like. She was proud that she has been doing it since she was 13. Tsurugi obviously checks and has had over 2000, and they two are the same age. It is revealed that, he can recharge his ability after 5 minutes, unlike the others.

Logic ep 2 5
Overpowered Main Character can be checked off for this series.

After a brief talk about all that info, they go into a chamber to test their skills as a team against the monster from last week. The fight ended rather quickly. Tsurugi then had to attend to a small problem with a Paradox Zone.

When he got back he confronted Orga, who everyone says he is a Logicalist, but not a Logicalist. It is made clear that he does not have a partner yet. (For someone who acts like a total jerk and acted like he was the toughest and possibly the final boss for the series I found it quite funny he is the weakest). Everyone felt sorry for him so no one really wanted to talk about him.Logic ep 2 7

Tsurgi meets with the director again and is appointed the team leader. This did not look like it sat well with Yurine, being the now former team leader. But whatever will happen, will be found out next week.


Overall Thoughts:

Logic ep 2 6I really did like this episode. The first episode felt way too serious. Not sure why. This episode I enjoyed. It was nice and no real fights. It really gave more world building and character building as a whole. Although the direction of the series is not really known yet, hopefully that will change. It was mentioned that the partners, which I forget their name in all honesty what they are referred to as, wish to stop everyone from coming from their world. So, that sounds a little too grand for the characters right now.  But who knows.

I typically skip the endings, but Emi Nitta, did a wonderful job with it, I could not skip the ending.

Well, time to cry now since it turns out my answer on who Suzuko Mimori voiced is now known. She voices the little machine they use known as the Ligigraph. It did not really click last week since it was just a single line. I really like her and wish it was a little more than just that.


Personal Enjoyment: 9/10


Brief Speculation:

Logic ep 2 3Like I said I have no idea what the direction of the series could be going. From looking at the cast and what has been said. There are good gods fighting evil ones. A member in the cast is known as Lucifer, so if I had to guess this is probably the “Last Boss” character. If that is not the case then maybe Chloe’s cooking is that “Last Boss” figure I mean look the sauce is purple? So maybe fighting a stronger enemy will happen in the next episode or maybe more reveal on what will the direction be next week, since there are no previews for the show at the end of the episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Well till next time.

– Joe