Before I begin with my review, it has been awhile since I have done a weekly review post, the summer to be exact. I wish to change-up how I am doing them as well. So, hopefully by the third episode I will have a set way of doing the weekly review posts. Alright without further ado let’s get started.

The episode begins with a fight between an armor creature and a man. The two fight, till ultimately the video ends and the main character stops the video to look at his sister. The video was of himself two years ago. (This was not apparent to me till later in the episode). The imouto questions exactly what he is doing. He is Tsurugi Yosichika.

This seems to be a regular occurrence for him. He stays up all night. His father does not question it and well the sister keeps saying “Do you think this is what mom would want?” (Personally I would not be surprised that the mom is alive and just away on business or something after making it sound like she is dead with this type of comment coming from the sister constantly.) On another note an alarm goes off talking about the Pandora Level. Tsurugi freaks out and hides under the table because of it.

Then there is a brief explanation on Logic and how everything revolves around it. This concept covers anything that is intangible, memories, emotion, and things like that in a matter form.

A group of three girls begin to fight a creature. Each one has their own power, one can heal, one has a gun, and the other has a sword. There was a warning that went off, Paradox Zone it is call (it sort of reminded me of  Date a Live’s Spatial Quakes). Anyway the monster is defeated by them.

Logic ep 1 5

Cutting back to Tsurugi and his imouto go shopping for their dad’s birthday gift. The imouto constantly brings up how he is now just a Villager A character and not a main lead. After he of course tries to hide his face. While they are walking someone gets taking by the Logicalist Institute in order to join. There is a brief scene with her, since much like the other girls will be properly introduced next episode, before another warning goes off with another creature.

This creature happens to show up at the mall Tsurugi is at. He states that if it touches you it will kill you, although he is referring to the Paradox Zone in this case. He distracts the creature long enough for his sister to escape. He bumps into this girl, Athena. The two escape together while the girls from earlier show up to fight the monster.

Logic ep 1 8

Athena, who is voiced by my favorite seiyu, or at least I thought, the voice adds up but every place I look she is someone else and not her, I am too confused. But Suzuko Mimori is in the show, so I will at least be content with that. Although I swear she is Athena even though it says Sumir Uesaka is.

Logic ep 1 9

Anyway Athena has Tsurugi’s Logic card. She wants to become his Covenanter. The two are needed in order to take on the threat of the Paradox Zone. The two transform and basically save the other girls from earlier to kill the beast. There was also a brief things with the imouto on how she does not want her brother to fight. As well as Athena mentioning that she wants to help protect the world.

Later Tsurugi is taken to the Logicalist Headquarters to meet everyone. He wants to sleep after not getting any rest in the last few days. When he goes to his newly assigned room Athena is there waiting for him. It is to make the bond between the two stronger.

Logic ep 1 13

The episode ends with a mysterious figure stating that what happened to Tsurugi two years ago will happen again.


Overall Thoughts:

Although I have to say I rather enjoyed this first episode there is still worry. An original series is always something that there can be worry for. I do have hope with the people working on it though. As a first episode it really established the basics.

For once a card game based anime did not have the card game in it. One thing I got from watching that is that I continued to remind myself that it is based on a card game. It was nice with how they did not need to shove so much information; it just became naturally understandable over time on what is happening and what certain phrases mean.

This series could turn into a sort of monster of the week sort of things. A part of me hopes that is not the case. I could see it being either or, probably not always. I am still a little uncertain exactly where it could go. Sometimes it is obvious with original series, sometimes not so much.

It was a rather interesting first episode, despite my confusion on Athena’s VA, if anyone can help my sanity please tell me who it is really.


So what where your thoughts on the episode?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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