Been a while since we’ve had a Euphonium review, but it’s time to take a look at the recently released OVA.

Here’s my review.

So in this OVA we get to see the behind the scenes events that happened with the students who didn’t make the cut for the performance. It’s nice actually as it focuses mainly on Katou and the continued fallout from her confession to Shuuichi back in ep… 8 I believe? Anyways she plays a central role in this OVA and it’s made me like her more as she’s down to earth and has a nice charm to her.

Katou, along with Natsuki and the other girls who weren’t selected for the performance, for Team Monaka which is the support team for the students going to the performance. You’ll remember seeing them briefly in the final ep when they handed out the charms to everyone, well in this OVA we see them buying the materials and making them too. I liked how this ep took place during the events of the main series, so you can almost fill in the gaps when Katou and Midori aren’t on screen. So while that was the main thing happening in this OVA, there is something else worth talking about.

What’s interesting though is how Katou keeps on encouraging Shuuichi even though things are still a bit awkward between them. Like mentioned above she had her confession turned down by Shuuichi in ep 8, heart set on Kumiko, but it seems though that Katou has nearly gotten over that in this OVA. She still has a moment where she starts to dwell too much on the past, but like a good friend Midori is able to bring her out of despair and refocus her mind on something positive. Natsuki also shows that she’s a good friend too by being there for Katou during this low point for her.

As things move on though we see how Katou is pulling the strings behind the scenes and her words of encouragement actually lead to Shuuichi talking to Kumiko during the final ep. Remember when they fist bumped? Well it seems like Katou was able to make that happen. It also brings to light another point though, about the relationships in this anime and where that’s all going. I could easily spend a while talking about the yuri implications of this anime and what that’s done to some people, but I’ll keep this focused on the matters present in this OVA. Hell if anything there was a Katou and Natsuki moment that could have meant something.

All in all though this OVA is a very nice compliment to the main anime as it adds overall depth to the final eps and to Katou especially. My favorite moment in this OVA has to be when Team Monaka gets a call saying that one of the band members has forgotten the mallets for the drums and Katou volunteers to run back to the school from the train station to get them. It’s a wonderfully animated scene with beautiful music and inter-cut with moments of her talking with Natsuki at the train station about why she chose the bass section of the club. While it’s not the elegant or cool feel that Katou was hoping, even if she was able to go back and choose again, she’d make the exact same choice. We also see Shuuichi opening his charm up to read the good luck message from Katou inside.

I also like how this OVA ends too, leading right up to the moments when the doors to the stage open and the band is about to step out. We know how amazing the performance is already and the outcome to it as well, yet seeing it from another perspective was very cool and gave more meaning to it and the students taking part in it. It’s a group effort and while you only see a bit of the results from Team Monaka in the main series, there was a lot of time and energy put into making sure the performance went perfectly and everyone left happy.

Like I said this OVA is a very nice compliment to the main series and I’m happy they took the time to make this as it gives the show a more completed feel to it. For sure this OVA is worth a watch for fans of Katou as well as getting to experience the final eps from a different perspective. Well done KyoAni, I eagerly await season 2 of this masterpiece of a show!

Let the next piece begin!

So that sums up what I thought of this OVA, if you’ve had the chance to watch it please let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

That’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya later!


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