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K: Return of Kings


The sequel to Missing Kings, Return of Kings hits all the high points of a great sequel but where this anime comes to life and stands out from many is the excellent art and music. I know just those points can’t make an anime great, but honestly the story isn’t that hard to pick up. Once you’ve got the hang of it then it’s much more fun to watch. No shame in watching an ep a second time to get all the points, I rewatched S1 again and it was much better the second time around. S2 knocks the ball out of the park and continues the thrilling story of the kings and fight for power. Already loving the first season and movie a lot I had high expectations coming into this and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It looked and felt exactly like K, hell it looked better, and it still had the same vibe I loved so much in the first season and movie. That’s probably what I find so great about this anime, the feeling it has to it. I love slick and stylish it has, the way the light glints off shiny objects, the movements of the characters, the over-the-top hair styles the Blues have, it’s got such a great vibe to it that really brings this anime to life.

I mentioned the music briefly but man the OST for K, Missing Kings and Return of Kings is by far some of the best I’ve heard. It’s the icing on the cake for this anime, the finishing touch to make an already awesome anime even more awesome. I don’t usually get that excited for the OST of an anime, unless it’s by Rasmus Faber or Hiroyuki Sawano, but man the OST of the whole K series is so brilliant.

Overall Return of Kings knocked the ball out of the park for me as it once again showed what a sequel is supposed to be. People seem to hate on K because it’s plot is strange or confusing, but honestly there are anime out there with much crazier plots so I don’t see how this is somehow deserving of all the hate. If you just give it a chance it’ll really surprise you. So with all said and done I’m giving K: Return of Kings a solid 9/10. Brilliantly executed sequel.



Continuing on in the long running Monogatari series, the latest entry Owarimonogatari adds another part to the overall story. As usual it’s got all the SHAFT goodness we’ve come to love, the art and music are once again solid, characters are great as always, and it’s still got the Monogatari charm I love so much about this series. When you break it down it’s just a lot of dialogue but I love how SHAFT brings to life every conversation with its signature style. In terms of how I’d rank it compared to the others, it’s not up at the top but I felt it was still a solid entry to the series and it offered more insight into the complex story that’s been going on. Even though it’s titled ‘Owarimonogatari‘ or ‘End story’ it’s not the end as there is more Monogatari on the way in 2016 in the form of a 2 part movie I’m pretty sure. So while this entry has come to an end, it’s not over yet. Tallying it all up I’ll give Owarimonogatari a solid 8/10. Great stuff as expected.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru


Oh how much I loved this anime… until the end. Yes Sakurako-san was on the brink of being anime of the season and a contender for anime of the year had they not failed to do anything with the plot. Yes as amazing as the story and characters are, the vast quantities of potential are all wasted as this anime fails to deliver on any of the key points. Like I ranted about on Twitter after ep 12, if this gets a second season then I’ll take back most of what I’m about to say, but even so they still had very poor execution for the plot. Much like Plastic Memories earlier this year, don’t give us so many interesting points then do nothing with them. Use those elements as they’d make the anime so much better. I’m guessing this is yet another “go read the light novel” ending which is among the worst as it’s guaranteed that nothing will be concluded at all. It frustrates me greatly as I had this anime at 9 since ep 1 then by the ending it dropped to a 5, hell I could’ve put it at 4.5 if I really wanted to. I can’t stress how much potential there is with this anime, a solid mystery anime that I thoroughly enjoyed too, but it’s all for naught. I can’t really like this anime nor recommend it as it’s not worth investing the time only to be let down by the end. So with all said and done, I’m giving Sakurako-san a lowly 5/10. It had everything, yet failed to deliver.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider


Ugh… where do I start? I didn’t like this anime at all. I was going in hoping for a good mystery, yet it was very confusing and convoluted. Yes I took my own advice and rewatched it, yet it wasn’t making anymore sense than it did the first time. The story was there, but the presentation and execution of it all felt clunky and down right bad. I didn’t like any of the characters as they all felt extremely lifeless, the dialogue was very boring, and overall it just gave off a very dull and uninteresting vibe to it. I tried my hardest to get into it but nothing I could do got me into this anime at all. The story kept me around but honestly I should’ve dropped it long ago as it didn’t get any better. It’s a shame as the story was good but had they presented it in a more colorful way and gave us likable characters my outlook of this anime might be different, but it just failed to present it’s interesting story in a way that captured my interest. So with all said and done I’m giving Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider a 3/10.

So that’s all for my fall season wrap up! Once again if you watched any of the above mentioned anime, what are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below!  Overall the fall season had some high points and low points, returning favorites and interesting new shows. I didn’t find it to be a stand out season, but like I said it had high points to it. So with another anime season in the books, it’s time to look ahead to the winter season and the brand new shows starting very soon!

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next season!


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