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Hackadoll The Animation


I remember seeing the concept video for this a long time ago and back then it was pretty cool. In the anime format though it’s not so cool. Honestly I should’ve probably stopped watching this one as it was borderline too silly for me, but I stuck with it till the end, not really enjoying the ride but maybe just for the sake of completing it. Either way it’s pretty much just the girls going around each ep trying to help someone but usually end up making matters a lot worse. They more or less tie it up by the end and everyone goes home somewhat happy. Maybe if it was done differently I’d have enjoyed it more, but as it stands Hackadoll isn’t really one worth putting that much time into unless it’s something you enjoy. It had a few funny moments, but overall it wasn’t my brand of anime. Tallying it all up, Hackadoll The Animation gets a 5/10.

Heavy Object


I was late to start this one as I didn’t want to watch via FUNi subs, but once I found a good group I was able to stay caught up. All in all Heavy Object is such a guys anime. Lots of boobs and fan service, guns, explosions, mechs, everyone’s swearing, it tries to be so hardcore yet it comes off as silly at times, but a tolerable silly. I enjoy it though for what it’s worth as this isn’t anything you watch for a riveting story or anything serious at all. As it’s still on going and will continue through the winter season, my impressions of the first 12 eps are positive. I like watching it as I pretty much know what to expect each week and it hasn’t failed to deliver with the boobs, guns, explosions of huge (and very awful looking I might add) mechs. It’s fun to watch and I’ll stick with it till the very end. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but in terms of it being fun to watch, it ranks pretty high. Oh and Frolaytia best girl. After the first 12 I’m giving Heavy Object an 8/10.

Hidan no Aria AA


Before I start I’ll make clear mention that this isn’t a sequel to the 2011 show, rather this is a spin-off that has the same characters yet a totally new story. So with that out-of-the-way, how did I like it? Well I didn’t really. Sure there were points I liked about it, one being Aria’s more serious character, but overall there wasn’t much story till the last few eps and the middle half was filled with filler eps. I should mention that said filler eps contained yuri goodness, but still a filler is a filler and in the overall picture it brought this anime down greatly. It’s not that I expected an amazing story with this anime, but I did expect some story to it. Aria AA is also done by another studio, Doga Kobo, and usually I like their style but for Aria AA I wasn’t a fan of the character designs. They weren’t nice to look at and I noticed a lot of quality moments. Think of something like Nozaki-kun or Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, both by the same studio but they looked worlds better than Aria AA did. Hell Umaru-chan looked much better, so maybe they got the secondary group of people working on it, but whatever it was Aria AA wasn’t a nicely animated show. But where story and art failed, the music, namely the OP & ED excelled a lot. For starters nano sung the OP, Bull’s Eye, and it’s easily my top favorite OP of the season. Had Asterisk not had such an A+ ED then this ED, Pulse (sung by Ayane Sakura & Rie Kugimiya) would have been my number 1 pick. So even if it failed in the core places, at least the music was great. So to score this up, Hidan no Aria AA gets a 5/10. A few good moments, yuri, and great music are what stand out the most for me

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!


The shortest show I watched this season, Komori-san was a strange one. I’m not sure if it was the fact her boobs here absolutely massive for a 15-year-old, literally like someone hid two basketballs under her shirt, or the fact she was abnormally tall as well, but either way it was just weird to watch. I can’t say I liked this one as I didn’t really, but at the same time I didn’t hate it to the point of dropping it either. It’s only 2 minutes long so it’s easy to handle, but yeah the best way I can put it is just that it’s weird. Nothing else really worth noting here so I’ll tally it up, 5/10, and have done.

And that brings to a close part 2 of this season wrap up series. If you watched any of the above mentioned anime this past season, what are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below!

That’s it for me, I’ll cya in the final post!


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