Here we are at the final part of our year in review series. The fall season had some interesting new shows along with returning favorites. Here are the highlights from this past season.

Nick’s highlights from the fall 2015 season.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??


I already wrote about this in my season wrap up post, but if you haven’t seen that yet then I’ll summarize it here. Gochiusa 2 was an excellent sequel that not only continued the story in a very good way, but it built on the first season and you could really see the progression in things. It wasn’t just a rehashing of S1, rather there were new characters, new adventures and an overall new vibe to it. I like it when a sequel hits all the right points and Gochiusa 2 did just that and then some. With an all-star cast, wonderful art, catchy music and a charming vibe, Gochiusa 2 is a sequel that really shines for me and it even be better than the first season.

K: Return of Kings


Picking up right where the movie, Missing Kings, ends, Return of Kings is a solid follow-up to the first season, bringing back the slick visuals, stellar OST, fantastic characters and that super cool vibe that I loved so much. While its story can be confusing at times and may seem like it’s going all over the place, with some thinking it’s easy to pick up and get swept away in the action. By far the K series has some of the best animation and fight scenes I’ve seen. Sure it’s not KyoAni level of brilliance in terms of art, nor is it on the same level that SHAFT sits at, but goddamn GoHands knows how to make one slick-looking anime. Their budget must be out of control, especially for Missing Kings. It’s also got some of the best music out there too, huge points for that. All in all it’s a solid follow-up to a great series. Worth a watch.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru


It’s rare for a series that was once a 9 to fall to a 5 by the end, but Sakurako-san did just that. The amount of wasted potential in this anime is absurd as it just begs for 24 eps but gets a measly 12 and even then fails to do anything substantial with that. If this indeed is a “read the light novel” type show, then don’t even bother with the anime as it sets up a fantastic plot only to do nothing with it. I hate, yes HATE, shows like this that are teeming with potential then do absolutely nothing with it then end on some stupid ending. Why damn it, why must this happen? This was on its way to being anime of the season, potential anime of the year for me but it failed to deliver and ended up leaving me very frustrated with it. Not worth the time as it’ll only let you down in the end.

Honorable Mentions

Owarimonogatari is the latest entry in the critically acclaimed Monogatari series and I found it to be very good, just like the rest are. SHAFT continues its entertaining way of telling a story, the art is on point once again and the characters that I’ve come to love so much are still just as good. I look forward to what’s next for this franchise.

Here are Deven’s highlights from the fall 2015 season.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry


Once a upon a time, one mere year ago in the Fall Season 2014 there was a bro known as Arata Kasuga. He avoided traditional harem hero pitfalls and was awesome in general. That show was Trinity Seven and I suggest you all watch it. The reason I bring it up is that Ikki Kurogane is a similar character even though he isn’t in the same type of work. He’s someone that dodges all the traditional pitfalls in a action romance school setting. He isn’t arrogant, and he and Stella talk their problems and misconceptions through. This makes his and Stella’s relationship a breath of air and add to the fact that Stella follows the archtype set up by well done tsunderes like Rin Tohsaka who aren’t hit happy tsuns all the time. She’s pretty relaxed and cute.
All in all, you should watch this show for the action and the good characters.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru


Arguably one of the most exciting anime of this fall season with its well done mysteries and its epic main character in Sakurako Kujo. It’s a good mystery well done after the failure that Rokka no Yuusha was during the summer. With Rokka it was a mystery but it led people to think it was an actiony anime but Sakurako never pretended to be anything else other than a mystery and that makes it good. Sakurako was the key character in the anime other than her Watson in Shoutarou. She’s a very Sherlock type character in that she can’t really understand other people well but she’s got Sho for that. It makes for a good dynamic.

Dance with Devils


It’s simple what to call this anime. It’s Abusive Boyfriends the Anime. I’ve said a few times on Twitter and I’m saying it here. I’m just saying all the guys are just being mean to poor old Ritsuka. However the good part of the anime is the songs. And even I have to admit that the songs are good and the characters are very well thought out. It’s just that their actions look really bad…

And that brings to a close our Year in Review series. If you watched any of the above mentioned anime this past season, let us know your thoughts on them as well as your top favorites of the season as well.

Thanks for reading and we’ll cya in the winter season!

-Anime Corps

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