Hello and welcome to another anime season! Nick here along with Deven and Joe and we’re going to be talking very briefly about the winter season anime that we’ll be reviewing come January. So while the winter season isn’t usually that amazing, hopefully the anime we’ve picked out will be fun to watch as well as review too. But only time can tell. Right then so with that intro out-of-the-way, here’s what you can expect to see reviewed here for the next 3 months!

Dagashi Kashi


The first thing that came to mind when I read the summary for Dagashi Kashi was Non Non Biyori except just focusing on the candy store. Whether or not that’s what it’s going to be has yet to be seen, but given the tags it’s got and the countryside vibe is has, I have a feeling it might be similar. A quick look at the cast shows a few names of seiyuu that I like, namely Ayana Taketatsu and Manami Numakura, I’m sure you can think of roles they’ve done in recent anime. But while it’s got a countryside vibe and nice cast, there still is that chance that it might not be great, as is usually the case with recent anime I’ve wanted to be good. Whatever the case though Dagashi Kashi is my first pick for review this coming season. I should also mention that as FUNi has licensed it if no other group picks it up to sub I might not review this as I’m not a fan of using FUNi releases for reviewing. We’ll see how that all goes though.

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HaruChika is my second pick for the winter season. As excited as I am to be reviewing yet another P.A. Works anime, I’m trying not to be overly excited as the last P.A. Works anime I reviewed was the absolutely horrible Glasslip. But after watching the latest PV it’s hard to not be looking forward to it. Being P.A. Works you know it’ll look amazing as the setting for this anime looks to be one that will offer some gorgeous scenery shots. Characters and cast looks good but a point that really stands out for me is the fhána OP and ChouCho ED. I always get excited when I see who will be doing the music and past experience has told me that when these respective groups are doing the music, it’s always very good. I love a good mystery anime so I hope HaruChika can deliver a decent mystery without becoming too convoluted or just straight up confusing. FUNi is also releasing this one (they usually never get P.A.Works anime so this is very strange) but thankfully Good Job Media and Vivid are teaming up to sub it, so for sure those are the subs worth waiting for.

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Luck & Logic


So, I am here, Joe, not as my self-appointed title as Editor in the Shadows, but as a writer here for this season. This is not going to interfere with my own blog nor the weekly review I am doing there, this isn’t the place to talk about that so time to talk about why I am here then. So without further ado, although the picture gave it away the show I am reviewing is  Luck & Logic.

I have to say from the start, being an original series worries me. They are always either great or terrible or start off strong but have a weak ending. However, between my favorite seiyu Suzuko Mimori being in the cast, and the people who worked on Selector Infected WIXOSS (One of the few anime I own on DVD), I do have hopes. This is based on a card game, which has yet to come out yet, much like how WIXOSS was, only difference is the production company behind it.

So, judging by the preview it looks interesting. Sure there is no real knowledge on what the main plot for the series is, but that has not stopped me before. The only slight problem I have is the CGI that was present in the Preview, but it looks minor and after a second viewing not so bad. Surprisingly this is one that I am really looking forward to and here is hoping it will turn out well for the first weekly series I am reviewing without source material knowledge.

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Shojo-tachi wa Koya o Mezasu


When you’re the first or the most well-known to do something you’re an innovator or some type of interesting. When you’re the second one to do something, everyone is going to call you a poser.

And that’s what people are going to call Shojo-tachi wa Koya o Mezasu which is basically a group of beautiful girls and one guy making a galge game. I’ve got a fairly open mind with this and more importantly I’m putting a lot of trust into the voice cast, particularly Satomi Sato and and Kana Hanazawa.

Satomi Sato is the embodiment of cute and sweet which is pretty ironic since her last name means ‘Sugar’. She pretty much guaranteed to boost the cuteness of any anime when she’s on the cast.

As for KanaHana, she’s just good everywhere and I love her.

I’m hoping that I’m going to have something epic here.

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Fairy Tail Zero

fairy tail zero

As the Fairy Tail Anime ends its Tartarus arc with an epic bang, what’s next? The anime is closing in on the manga fast? Solution is filler but not any filler. In fact it isn’t even filler.

It’s Fairy Tail Zero!

The story of Mavis and the story of the beginning of Fairy Tail.

I have to say that I’m hyped for this. I never expected for this to be adapted. Then again I should have expected it since there are some things in Fairy Tail you can only understand after reading or watching Fairy Tail Zero. Most of them are going to come up really soon so it’s best that the anime adapts it now. They don’t need to go into filler and get some critical information out. Win win situation.

Video Preview

So that’s a quick look at what to expect on Anime Corps in terms of reviews. We’re all excited and looking forward to another anime season starting and having something new to review. What about you though, what winter anime are you looking forward to watching? Let us know in the comments below!

That’s it for us here, thanks for reading this and we hope to see you in the New Year and new anime season too!

Take care!

-Anime Corps Staff

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