Moving right along then we arrive at the spring season, a time where lots of good anime usually start. This year we were treated to some excellent new shows as well as returning favorites. Here are some highlights of that season!

Nick’s highlights of the spring 2015 season

Hibike! Euphonium

Hibike! Euphonium title card

I hold this one on high as my all time favorite KyoAni series, beating out the likes of Haruhi and Hyouka, both which long-held that position. I just really enjoyed this one, plain and simple, and despite that huge argument that people make about yuri, or lack thereof, in this one it’s still an amazing anime in both the audio and visual departments. I have yet to see an anime that looks as perfect as Euphonium does. Visuals aside, the characters play a huge factor into why this anime is so good. Kumiko, Reina, Asuka, those three by far make this anime amazing as they each brought so much to the table every week. Like I mentioned, the yuri element which is a huge cause for arguments, honestly if you put that aside this anime is still amazing. I don’t see the point to make that such a big deal, so what if they’re not fated to be together. Don’t let that hold you back from liking the anime as a whole. By far this was the very best of the season and it’s worth watching. I eagerly await S2 in the coming future.



Danmachi, the spring anime that took the world by storm with some boobs and a blue ribbon. Love it or hate it, Danmachi was actually a pretty solid fantasy/adventure anime that put the story first before spending time on the girls and fan service. I liked it for that reason as I went in fully expecting a run of the mill fantasy harem show that I’d drop soon off the bat. But no, it kept at it and delivered a solid experience, a few bumps here and there, but overall it was good to watch. Hestia gives this anime too much hate but honestly she did nothing wrong and while Aiz is clearly the best girl, I still liked Hestia quite a lot too. Story and Hestia aside, it had great music too, the animation was nice, action scenes were good too, and it had a talented cast as well. It’s not perfect by far, but it gets way too much hate just because of Hestia. Sure she was everywhere for a while there, but the hype died down and life carried on as normal. Hopefully we’ll get another season as it feels like there is plenty of story left to tell.

Oregairu 2

SNAFU TOO!Oregairu 2, an example of how NOT to do a sequel. While it continued the story, the story completely fell apart and felt like they barely tried to write something decent. The characters really brought this one down as every single one is worth disliking, Iroha I just straight up hated with a passion. This anime totally lost the charm I loved about it, the way Hikki interacted with everyone and the tolerable cringe that went along with it. S2 changed his once extremely perceptive character into someone who missed so many small cues that he didn’t in S1. Best girl Yuki felt sidelined for the whole season and Yui was a bit more likable, but still nothing amazing. The pacing was horrible, the dialogue was awful, the interactions between characters were downright confusing and the whole plot felt clunky and lost. All in all this sequel failed to deliver what I had hoped for and regardless of all the overly high praise people give it, this one is a complete failure of a sequel in pretty much all aspects. Don’t watch it.

Honorable mentions

Other anime worth noting that were quite good were: Knights of Sidonia S2, I enjoyed the return to that space action in that one along with its excellent music and CG art style too; Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic, a great follow-up to an enjoyable slice-of-life anime; Shokugeki no Souma, among the best of the year as it’s an exciting and sexy cooking show that will have you craving delicious food.

Deven’s Highlights for the Spring 2015 Season



All I need to say is it was a ribbon that tied around the arms under her boobs. Yet it was a ribbon that started a revolution. I’m talking about Danmachi which was one of the best anime of Spring 2015. I personally found Bell interesting and I like the fact that while he basically had a cheat code for leveling fast we still saw him grow and struggle for each and every victory he had. And that makes him likable.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Season 2



With the end of last season the hype was up for Fate. And this anime delivered perfectly. The fights were completely epic and I loved the fact that Ufotable decided to expand on the original Unlimited Blade Works ending. I always wondered what happened after the events of Unlimited Blade Works and now we’ve seen it. And adding in the Good End of the route was even better. The anime was one of the most hyped thing for Fate this year.