Is it so wrong for it to be a completely good end at the end of this arc?

This episode pretty much makes sure that the victory with Tartarus is a bitter one.

So everyone’s happy with the fight with Tartarus is over but things have to end sour.

So remember at the end of the last episode, Fairy Tail’s got the Book of END and Acnologia has been defeated.

Then Zeref shows up and steals the book of END.


And Mard Geer reaches out to him, saying he can grant his wish to die. And Zeref says no you can’t, turns him back into a book, and burns him.

Zeref, you’ve got no chill and with that he leave but not before saying that if Acnologia hadn’t shown up he would have revealed a bit of the truth to Natsu. Oh shit….

Sorry that’s a bit of a manga spoiler but don’t worry you’ll see it in the next episode…

Anyway to finish up the downward spiral of sadness for this episode, Acnologia gets up and reengages his fight with Igneel.

As they fight Igneel explains the dragons two reason for sealing themselves inside of the Dragon Slayers. It was to create anti-bodies that will ensure that none of this Dragon Slayers will become Dragons like Acnolgia and the second reason to give them the chance to be able to finally rid the world of Acnologia.

But Igneel vs. Acnolgia with Igneel getting utterly ripped apart.


And with the only thing that Acnologia lost was one arm…

And the episode ends with Natsu screaming for his fallen father.

A truly saddening episode and things are only going to get worse in the finale of the Tartarus arc. How did you guys like it? It isn’t considered one of the best arcs of Fairy Tail for nothing.

However remember this, the Fairy Tail anime is going to be on break for the entire Winter 2015 season. What’s going to be up is a prequel, Fairy Tail Zero. I read the manga and it was epically good. I can’t wait for it!

So until the next episode and the beginning of Fairy Tail Zero,
Later Days
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