I regret to inform all of my fellow Love Live fans that Muse’s Final Live will be March 31st and April 1st of 2016.

After that Muse will end.


I understand how you all feel but here’s the news quoted from ANN itself.

The staff of Love Live! School idol project franchise announced during a special program on Tokyo MX, Bandai Channel, and Niconico on Saturday that the µ’s idol group will perform its “µ’s Final Love Live!” concert on March 31 and April 1 at Tokyo Dome. Online newspaper Tokyo Sports Web reported on Saturday that this will be the group’s final performance before the group breaks up, as the voice actress’ contracts will expire at the end of March.

So there it is in black and white. It’s over. As for why the seiyuu of Muse aren’t renewing their contracts, there’s been no official statements from any of them.

However I believe that I can guess the reason. Remember this Muse and Love Live as a whole have been going on for longer than the anime has been around. In fact Muse only hit its true stride once the anime came out. Muse has been around August 2010 when they premiered in the August edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine.


The Seiyuu must be tired. Not of the roles, I suppose but of the stress. Look at Sore ga Seiyuu which I will pretty much use as a guide for most of the things that seiyuu go through on the regular.

In one episode, Futaba, Rin, and Ichigo had to balance:

1.Their usual part-time jobs

Only in the case of Ichigo and Futaba since Rin is a student. Then again Rin was stated to have her own issues with constantly have to miss school and school related events for work.

2.Dance practice

It is stated in the show that dance teachers have many clients they have to work with so they only stay to teach you the steps and then they leave. They don’t stay with you until you master it. You master it by yourself.

3. Singing lessons

It’s the same as with dance lessons. You’re taught the key in which you sing and you are expected to master it yourself.

4. And their usual jobs as seiyuu

A seiyuu’s job can range from singing insert songs, practicing lines, reading manga, light novels, or even playing video games for researching characters, going to promo events, and not counting all the time they spend running around their respective cities on trains and buses since most people in Japan do not have cars.


So basically it’s this times two since most of them ie. Aya Uchida, Suzuko Mimori, Yurika Kubo, Sora Tokui, Yoshino Nanjo, Iida Riho and Aina Kusada are more seiyuu then singers. Only Pile and Emi Nitta lean more towards music.

Essentially they have to learn their lines for their regular seiyuu positions then go and learn dance steps, songs, and record for School Idol Festival. I wouldn’t be surprised if they passed out at the end of the day from the sheer exhaustion.


In fact, Yoshino Nanjo, Eli’s seiyuu, hurt her knee earlier this year. It was bad enough where she was not only unable to dance for a significant amount of time but was unable to go to the Lantis Festival Anisong World Tour concert in Shanghai earlier this spring. The injury was so bad that her doctor forbid her from any strenuous activity and trips abroad.

And the damage could potentially lead to a longer term injury. Know this. The human body does not heal itself all the way up to 100%. It just fixes the damage. If you break an arm, it will never be the same. It will just be as mobile as it was before. If you break your arm again in a place close to the original break, the damage will build.



As the lead of the band FripSide and as a member of Muse, Yoshino Nanjo dances constantly and there’s no doubt that there’s stress being done to her body. It’s natural that something like this would happen and she would need rest.

I’m not saying any of this to make any of you feel bad about wanting more Love Live with Muse. I’m just telling you what’s happened.

Originally I planned to write this post a few weeks ago. In fact my references have been hanging out in my email for at least two weeks. However I’m grateful that I wrote this later.

The main reason is that on December 18th, I watched the Love Live School Idol Movie. After watching that, I feel like it’s the complete end to the road that Muse walked. Their journey is complete. If Sunrise pulled something to bring Muse back after that, it would render all the feelings that the girls had in the movie worthless.

Now I’m not going to give any spoilers. Mostly because my leader, Nick, has not watched the movie yet. I’m not even going to post my review of the movie until he’s watched it himself out of respect. However I don’t see nothing wrong with a little hint.

Now I’m not a big Honoka fan. In fact, she lands roughly about 6th on my personal list. But I loved her in the 2nd and 3rd acts of the movie. I really felt her struggle to stick with her decision to disband Muse. She was being assaulted on all sides by authority figures, people she respects and trusts, and that people depended on her. It would have been so easy for her to fold.


However she didn’t. She kept to what she and her friends thought was right and I have nothing but respect for that.


So in conclusion, where do we go from here?

I’m not the type to say something like this but if you really just give up on Love Live School Idol Project just because Muse is ending, you weren’t as big as fan as you thought.

Stick with it. We have Aqours just starting out. And unlike back a few years ago we’re here at the beginning. We can help shape our idols like how some people were there to help shape Muse.

Fall in love with Aqours just like how you fell in love with Muse.

It may be hard at first but you’ll find one you like just as much.

So that’s it. Oh one more thing!

Some of you, like me, play Love Live School Idol Festival and are wondering if the game will end with Muse’s disbandment. Rest assured.

The girls and my friends from Seiyuuri have translated this statement from the president of Klab:

“It has been announced that µ’s final live will be a 2-day concert in Tokyo Dome (3/31, 4/1)



A Dome concert for 2 days, what kind of artists can fill this up? This is truly a remarkable thing. (Klab has this game called “School Festival” that is licensed under Love Live! However, we are not involved in such events and others.)

Moreover, it seems that this has been hinted in the movie of the anime as well.

However, it seems that µ’s overlaps as well, even in reality, as idols. They call these “2.5D” However, this time, they are staying true to the story, being realistic to the anime. Love Live!’s theme is “The Story of Granting Everyone’s Wishes” and by all means, Tokyo Dome is, everyone in µ’s, the people involved in it, and each love liver’s wish come true story. We want to pray for its success as well as bless everyone.

Klab’s School Festival has been home to over 20 Million Players Worldwide, and is still growing.

Although µ’s would release their final single on 3/2/2016, at the same time, School Festival will still have new contents to be added, as well as to answer to every user’s expectation and to let the game grow bigger.”

My expectations are the game will continue with Aqours songs being added after the finale single from Muse is released. So as long as KLab keeps the game going, I’ll keep playing and I hope you will too.

One final thing before I end this post off,

I’m going to be writing a small 11 chapter fanfic of what happened to Muse after their disbandment. I wanted to put it while they’re in college so it’s going to be at least 3 to 4 years later. I have to admit it was just going to be originally a Nozomi x Eli yuri fic but after watching the movie I got inspired.

The chapters aren’t going to have a set time to come out but I’ll tweet out when they do and I’ll release them on my personal blog and fanfiction.net.

So that’s all. I can’t say until next time but I will say this.

Muse! Music Start!






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