Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

So on August 28th, the The First Round Medley Festival has ended so I’m here to report my progress.


Until Next Rank:2739
Love Gems:2


Damn Finals Week! If i wasn’t studying and the fact that Maki fans are a bunch of savages for their waifu I would have done gotten in. Unfortunately I planned to go all out during the last night but I fell asleep and woke up at 4 AM, literally right after the event finished….I feel sad.


I’m a failure…don’t look at me…Where’s my Nozomi event? It seems that Maki events come more than my love Nozomi-sama?

Break Even

And to add to the salt, I burned all my gems. See I got lucky and YOLOed a Seven Lucky Gods Eli so I got greedy. Then I burned all my gems. You know what’s the sad part…after the event, the Seven Lucky Gods Nozomi came out. I could have gotten that!

For the Next Event…

Appeal: Nico-nii Angel
For every 25 notes, there is a 49% chance of increasing player’s score by 250 points

Wow that’s a powerful card. The strength is not in the ability but in its ability to go off. It goes off pretty much half the time. That is incredibly useful.

Tragically I’m not going for any tier for this event. I need to gather up gems again…I’m sad now.

Then again what brings back my smile is the fact that this event is a School Idol Diary collaboration. I’ve read the story on the wiki and it is hilarious.

Nico always the flattest member of Muse. It’s after school measurements and Nico, at 18 years old, is 71 centimeters in her chest. On the other side, Eli and Nozomi have 88 and 90 centimeter chests respectively. So Nico runs into Rin and Rin manages to get her to spill the beans about what’s got her sad. They grow closer over both being flat and then they look over at Hanayo(82 centimeters). Then they spend the rest of the story following her wondering how she manages to make her chest so big.

Poor Nico-chan eternally the comic relief. I’ll try to get the card solely for that.

So with that, I’m out. I’m going to put a lot of effort into the next event.

So until the next event,
Later Days

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