A more info driven ep as we learn about Irene and Priscilla along with Claudia too.

Here’s my review!

Yes Claudia is back again after not making a single appearance in the last ep. How sad. While Claudia enjoys her moments with Ayato, taking great pleasure in teasing him to her heart’s content, she’s always stopped right in the middle by some outside force, this time being Kirin calling Ayato to inform him that she’s lost Saya. Well she did say she was bad with directions…

Volunteering himself in the search and rescue efforts Ayato goes out to look for the lost Saya, but in the process ends up saving Priscilla from a gang of knife wielding guys. What are the odds that would happen? But as valiant his efforts are, Ayato quickly finds out that Priscilla had already called for backup in the form of Irene. Oh boy, incoming angry sister. Thankfully Priscilla deescalates Irene before she tears up Ayato with her gravity scythe. That would be a rough way to go. Now indebted to Ayato for saving her sister, they invite him over for a meal to show their thanks. How nice of them.

The whole dinner sequence gave some interesting backstory to the sisters and what they’re going through. I liked how they took a moment to humanize Irene and Priscilla, making them not just some angry pair of sisters hell-bent of destroying Ayato in the upcoming battle. As it turns out, Irene mentions that she frequents the casino located near their house to help pay the bills and keep the two of them alive. She didn’t mention what exactly she does at the casino as she looks too young to be playing any of the games there. Then again those two guys from ep 9 didn’t exactly look like high school students, so anything is possible in anime.

As for why Irene is getting money this way, it’s because she owes money to Dirk Eberwein, that fat guy who got her out of jail, for something that happened long ago. When Ayato mentions she can earn money via Phoenix Festa, it’s revealed that Drik takes most of that money from her and somehow it’s not going towards paying off her debt. As if I didn’t hate that guy enough already. Another point I liked, which also added to showing a more human side to Irene, was how Priscilla mentions later on to Ayato and Julis that she’s scared whenever Irene is wielding her gravity scythe, as it transforms her into something dark and not the sister she knows.

Lastly one more piece of info that I was wondering for a while now is why exactly Drik wants Ayato destroyed so much. It turns out that it’s the Ser Veresta he’s afraid of coupled with the fact someone else also wielded that weapon. Ayato picks up on that as he knows of only one other person to wield the Ser Veresta, that being his sister. Now it’s off to see Claudia as she probably has more info on this matter.

The scene with Claudia gave some insight into her character along with the weapon she uses and its dark secret that comes with it. Ayato discovers this first hand as when he arrives at Claudia’s place, she’s in a sort of trance like state and nearly tries to kill him when he arrives. Close call their buddy. Before Ayato can get into the reason he came to visit her, he obviously needs to figure out what the hell just happened with Claudia. So her weapon she wields is the Ogre Lux Pandora and what makes it so hard for people to handle is that whenever you go to sleep, it lets you experience death in a new way each time. Kinda crazy when you think about it, but since her taking up this weapon Claudia has ‘died’ 1200 times. It’s a terrifying thought considering you need to sleep but having nightmares every time about yourself dying, I can see why everyone else who tried to use that weapon only lasted 3 days.

But as terrible as this all is, why is Claudia still using it? Is she some sort of masochist who enjoys dying every time she goes to sleep? Hopefully not, but all she hints at is that there is something she needs to do that requires her to use this weapon. Being a girl of many secrets, Claudia doesn’t let on as to what that may be, but as we’ve got a whole other season in the spring, I’m sure we’ll find out in due time.

Before we close off the ep with that amazing ED, we get one last bit of info this time on the Luxs. Claudia reveals that each Ogre Lux has a personality just like a human, and that personality can be either good or bad. For example the Pandora has a very bad personality, clearly, while the Ser Veresta is one of the better ones. When asked about Irene’s gravity scythe, Claudia hesitates to speak ill of another school, but it’s clear she feels it’s got a bad temper to it. What’s more is that each Ogre Lux has the ability to affect its user, almost like possessing them, as it takes control of their mind and personality too.

So probably my favorite part of this ep is how it fades into the ED with a nice montage showing the key players and what they’re fighting for. We know Ayato’s motivation, Julis is fighting for her friends back home, Claudia has her secret reasons, Irene is trying to pay off a debt and Priscilla wants her sister to be safe and not do something she’ll regret. There is a lot at stake here and with one more ep left before the break until the spring season, I’m sure it’s going to end of a high note.

Lots to talk about in this ep but unlike the last one it didn’t feel filier-ish as there was a lot of interesting pieces of info to take in and process. It did a good job of humanizing Irene and her struggles along with show us the dark secrets of Claudia and the torment she endures of a regular basis. All in all Asterisk is just another magic high school anime that’s more or less running its course, but unlike others that I’ve dropped in recent weeks, it’s focusing more on the story and less on the harem antics of unneeded fan service. Maybe that’s why I’ve stuck with this so far, or maybe it’s just because I wanted to watch it as Rasmus Faber is doing the music. Either way we’ve got a grand finale this Saturday and I hope it’ll end with a bang and get us hyped for S2 this coming spring.

I’ve said a lot now so I’ll pass he mic to you. What were your thoughts on this ep? Let me know in the comments below!

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.38_[2015.12.16_16.20.47]

So that’s it for me, I’m finally caught up and ready for the last ep. I’ll cya Saturday to close this one out!

Thanks for reading!


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