The long-awaited Phoenix Festa is finally here! Let’s see how our dynamic duo of Ayato and Julis do in their first outing.

Here’s my review.

So after all the build up and suspense, the Phoenix Festa is finally here. It’s time to see if all that hard work and training will be enough to beat the best of the best from each school. We of course know about the power that Julis and Ayato wield, but confidence it high for the other schools, especially for Le Wolfe student Irene Urzaiz. Irene must have some serious power if she spends her school days locked in the dungeon. How are they allowed to even do that? A side note here, but did you hear the music in that opening bit? Wow that’s the first thing I noticed when the ep began. I’ve said it before but the OST of Asterisk is pretty damn good, Rasmus Faber obviously being the reason behind that. But yeah, go back and rewatch that opening 2 minutes and listen to the music this time, good stuff.

The actual Phoenix Festa begins with an opening speech by some guy in a suit, Madiath Mesa, who talks for a bit about the Festa and a rule change that’ll be happening this year too. This rule allows schools to enter “alternates,” or in other terms puppets, to take part. This of course is exactly what Ernesta was hoping to hear as they’ve got two killer puppets waiting to send out to battle. More on that later though. But as for this sudden rule change, and for this year’s Festa only, it’s got me thinking that there is much more going on here than they’re letting on. Why change the rules for this Festa only?  It clearly gives Ernesta and co. a serious advantage as they know how to build puppets that really bring the house down. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes of this interesting new change in the rules.

The lead up to Ayato and Julis’ first battle features a simple lunch made by Kirin and Saya. Not much to talk about here as it’s just usual harem antics. The first battle that Ayato and Julis have is over and done with in a flash. Literally. Ayato flexes just how strong he is by taking down both opponents without batting an eye. I don’t think the other guys were introduced at all. But yeah it was over pretty quick. I pretty much expected something like this to happen, Ayato being the top ranked student and all, but I hope they don’t rely too much on him taking everyone out in one hit as that’ll get old really quick.

After a small talk with the media, one which we don’t get to see, the second battle of the ep gets underway. It’s a big match up as it features brothers from Le Wolfe, both who look way, way too old to be high school students, taking on two Allekant puppets build by Ernesta and Camilla. Just from looking at the puppets it’s clear who will be walking away victorious in this battle. I actually didn’t like the random banter from the puppets as it took all the seriousness out of the battle. Here they are tall, brooding and ready to kick ass, then they suddenly try to put on some comedy act? It just felt extremely out-of-place and even though they got serious in the end, I still found it hard to take them both seriously after their failed routine.

It’s obvious that Allekant’s puppets will pose a threat to Ayato and Julis, but I have a feeling Saya and Kirin will end up fighting the puppets as Saya is gunning for some payback on Camilla after what she said about her father. Keep in mind that we also have yet to see Le Wolfe’s Irene Urzaiz make an appearance in this battle, so I’m sure she’ll be a tough opponent as well. But as it’s time for the credits to roll once again, we’ll leave it here until next time.

Puppets aside this was an alright ep. Still nothing amazing but it’s doing enough to keep me watching still. I was hoping to be caught up by this Saturday for the new ep, but computer troubles are making it hard to watch anime. Yes it’s getting pretty bad now. Hopefully this laptop can hold on long enough until a replacement arrives, but until then I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got. Next week, the 19th, is actually the final ep of Asterisk, well the first half at least. The second cour will return in April of 2016 during the spring anime season and as of this point I can say that I’ll be coming back to review that too.

Right then I’ve said enough, what were your thoughts on ep 9? Let me know in the comments below!

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.36_[2015.12.11_23.08.29]

Okay that’s all for me now; thanks for reading and I’ll cya guys in the ep 10 review!


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Season’s greetings!
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