New Outline. New Info. More Pics but the same Deven!

Maki’s coming to wish you a Merry Christmas! She’ll give you your gift in private all tsundere like too. 

The “The First Round Medley Festival” event has begun!

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

This event is the The First Round Medley Festival Event. This event will take place between December 8th to December 17th.

Ability: Proper Hospitality
For every 30 notes, there is a 37% chance of turning all goods and greats in the next 4 seconds into perfects.

All she wants to do is give her fans a Merry Christmas!


Until Next Rank:826
Love Gems:29


I experienced a great falling away. I lost interest in the game and didn’t feel like playing. So for that reason, I took a little rest and played a lot of Fate/Grand Order. However this Medley Festival has restored my interest in the game so I’m going to be returning.


I’m aiming for that nice little Maki card and in celebration, I’ll be going for tier 2!

Also I’ve written a post on how you should approach this event.

If you want some advice, click here

When I played earlier today, most of what I saw synced what I wrote so it’s good to follow.

Break Even

I’ve got 29 Love Gems and I have no current Scouting Tickets.

So like I said, I’m trying to get back into the game and I’m hoping for at least tier 2. However we all know that Maki events are hell. Curse her popularity! Let’s hope that I can do it!

So as we usually end the Before the Event we will end this with a Maki Pic spam.

So until after the event,
Later Days

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