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November has ended and so has NaNoWriMo, now it’s back to reviewing anime for me. The last ep I watched was ep 6 where we saw Kirin and Ayato falling into a hole in he ground after getting into a fight with some monsters, so now let’s see what happens after that.

Well after falling into that hole guess what, they fought more monsters. Yep, out of the frying pan and into the fire. Their day just isn’t getting any better. So much like the monsters they fought upstairs, this huge dragon like thing also has a regenerating ability as Ayato finds out after slicing its head off with ease. I kinda laughed at that as he literally just swung his lightsaber Ser Veresta and its head was just gone. So after rolling, dodging and jumping around, Ayato and Kirin are able to take down the monster by destroying the crystal thing that makes it regenerate.

So now here they are, it a dark, cold and wet underground area with no way to get back up. Stripping down to their underwear, they hang their clothing out to dry while they wait for help to arrive. During this time we get a chance to learn more about Kirin and what her deal is. Aside from being a very busty 13-year-old, she’s got a slightly overused back story as she’s fighting to save her wrongfully imprisoned father. How did he end up in jail? Well he killed a kidnapper who was holding Kirin at knife point. Seems a bit overkill to send him for jail because he was just trying to protect his daughter, but this happened because he was Genestella. So to make a long story short, her uncle claimed to have a way to save her father but only if she agreed to do his bidding. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but now a while later Kirin isn’t down for this anymore as she’s just become a tool for her uncle. After a few wise words from Ayato the two are shortly rescued and return to the world above ground.

Very nice
Very nice

It was nice to see Kirin finally taking a stand and facing her uncle, as she really needs to stop going along with him and his dealings. My dislike for her uncle increased after he smacked her, that’s just not something you do to a child, but I’m glad Kirin was still able to stand firm even when threatened with physical violence. Props to her for doing that.

The back half of the ep has a duel between Kirin and Ayato, a rematch of last time, but this time it’s a duel Kirin willing picks and is doing this for her own reasons, not her uncle’s. Combat and general action sequences are a strong point for this anime as the animation is always tight and looks good. From the brightly colored explosions to the glowing swords, they really put some time into making each battle look good along with being enjoyable to watch. Of course the winner of this duel should be obvious, Ayato finally showing his skill against a truly good opponent. With Kirin defeated, I guess that makes Ayato the new number 1 ranked student in the school. This is still a run of the mill magic high school anime, so yeah it was bound to happen sooner or later.

After the duel we get to finally see some more of Julis and Claudia, the two best girls so far. But aside from them, Kirin also officially joins the harem as she asks Ayato if she can be a part of their training group. I love how Saya just agrees to it even though she’s not part of the group, of course Julis is quite upset about this as she now no longer gets to have Ayato to herself.

Kirin’s uncle also shows up once more, still salty about her leaving him but his anger gets the better of him and openly admits he’s just using her for his own gain. Very poor choice of words as Claudia who is also in the room at this moment reminds him that her mother is on the school board too and after hearing what he’s been doing with Kirin, he’s gonna have some trouble heading his way. Everything has consequences and sooner or later they’ll come back to kick you in the ass if you’re not careful.

We end the ep with the still scheming Ernesta and Camilla who are planning more things for our main characters to face. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that goes though as the credits and the best ED of the season begin to roll. Man I love that song.

We get a quick after credit scene too where Saya asks Kirin if she wants to team up for a bit, so I’m guessing next ep will be a Saya x Kirin team up to battle ep. Should be good!

Ooh, nice! Source Link
Ooh, nice!
Source Link

So this review was on the shorter side as I’ve got a few to write in the next few days, but on a whole I enjoyed this ep as I have with most before. By far this anime isn’t anything outright amazing, I don’t think magic high school anime can even be called “amazing” anymore, but considering I haven’t dropped this one like I have with the other two magic high school anime this season, that alone must mean Asterisk is doing something that I like.

I know you’ve already seen this weeks ago but I’ll still ask for your opinion on this ep, so leave a comment below with your thoughts.

As for me, well it’s nice to be blogging again after spending the last month writing a story, and I’ll be trying my best to get caught up and back to a normal schedule again with blogging. Right now my computer is on the brink of death so reviews might be slow for a bit, but help is coming in the way of a new computer. As for when it’ll be here, maybe tomorrow or maybe in a week. But once it arrives I can get back to watching anime on a normal schedule and getting reviews out too.

Right then that’s all I’ve got to say regarding this ep. Thanks for reading and also thanks for not spamming me with questions about where I’ve been and why reviews aren’t coming out. I post everything to Twitter so go follow me there for updates about all kinds of stuff.

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2015.12.03_18.59.08]

Okay, I’m off now! Cya guys next time!


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Kirin looking cool! Source Link
Kirin looking cool!
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