Finally! After all this time we have dragons! Legendary battles

I want to take this time to say that I’ll be using a shorter reviewing style for the month of November in order to be able to write more reviews. I need as much time as possible in order to be able to write for NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. Thanks for undestanding

So we start off today’s episode with Erza and Kyoka’s fight and it’s good but I know the ending and I’m not having fun with the fight right.

Meanwhile while this is happening we have Wendy finally arrive from the canyon where she destroyed Face…correction one of the Faces. As soon as she gets there, she hears something but makes her pass out.


We flash through a scene where some of the other Fairy Tail members are fighting against an Army of Lamies.

As things progress both Natsu and Gajeel notice a noise that causes them both to shake in fear.

What is it?


No. No. No. No.No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No!

The King of Dragons and Nightmares has arrived on the scene.

Everyone starts running away, trying to flee from this absolute monster.


What indeed Cana. What indeed.

So why is he here? Just to punish the humans that had the arrogance to think that they were safe even for a moment?



It’s possible that even Acnologia is afraid of END…that makes END all the more scary.

So with things at their worst, what comes to save the day?

Only a dragon can beat another dragon.

Igneel himself comes out of Natsu and starts up a fight against Acnologia!


And the episode ends we see Natsu crying as he’s finally found his father.

A good episode. Nothing says ‘Complete despair’ like Acnologia. I can’t wait for the next episode. Looks like the Tartarus Arc is winding down to the climax and I can’t wait.

So until the next episode,
Later Days!

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