There’s always some love for shipping. Fairy Tail just loves giving us stuff like this.

So we start off with some of the other members of the guild looking around for the members that are still fighting right now but of course they can’t find them.

While she’s looking, Levy gets a strange feeling that something is wrong so she goes to look around.


Levy has to be one of my favorite member of Fairy Tail, tragically she can’t beat Juvia or Mirajane in that order. Still adorable though.

So we take a quick look at Sting and Rogue against Mard Geer.

The King of the Underworld isn’t even trying. He’s just having himself a good old time just toying around with the third gen dragon slayers.

Just look at the smile on his face.


It’s not an outright smile but he’s having a good time.

So we head back Minerva, Erza, and our cat posse and while Franmalth is giving them the run around, the cats talk about cooking.

Then Lector starts talking about how good Minerva’s cooking is.


She can cook?! She’s good looking, can cook, and she’s powerful. Signing up for Team Minerva now.


That was adorable.


He knows well. And thus Pantherlily x Minerva was born.

So we move back to Fairy Tail vs. Tartarus with Natsu and Gajeel vs. Torafuzar and Tempester.

After a point, the demons aren’t about this life and go full Etherious form.


And Natsu and Gajeel start going all out too.

They go at it for a bit but soon Torafuzar uses his Tenchi Kaimei and makes a massive pool of water.



And things are going bad. It turns from an even fight to Torafuzar just running right through them. As for Tempester, he’s just chilling.


Just relaxing and sitting underwater…nothing’s wrong with that.

So as everyone starts to pass out from the water and its poisons, Gajeel’s the only one left.

vlcsnap-2015-10-20-12h37m43s363 vlcsnap-2015-10-20-12h37m47s206

But they weren’t going to be much since Natsu can’t use fire here and Lucy and Juvia are out of the fight.

It comes down to the point where Gajeel is running out of air as Levy notices the water in the air.

She jumps in and gives him some air.


Best Shipping moment yet! Has anyone ever gotten this far!

And even better Gajeel gives him a good punch to save Levy at the end of the episode.

That was a good beautiful episode. You’ve got to love Gajeel x Levy. Good dynamic.

So that’s all for this episode.

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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One of the best couples in Fairy Tail walking along the beach. I get my Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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