Wow it’s been some time. It seems like only yesterday that we had 8 or 9 months until the first Medley Festival for the English Servers. Now at the time of this Post(November 5, 2015), it will be roughly one month before the Medley Festival starts.

So I’m coming at you with this guide to help you with your planning for your Medley Festival battle for this!

Ability: Proper Hospitality
For every 30 notes, there is a 37% chance of turning all goods and greats in the next 4 seconds into perfects.

Very good skill and a Maki worth fighting for.

So you want to be the best at Medley Festivals, well take a look below and win your Maki!
First the rules:

  1.  Select between 1 song and 3 songs to play as well as their difficulty. If you choose two or more songs, your combo and stamina will carry over.
    -All Songs will randomized and unlike the Score Matches you can’t exit and rechoose your songs if you don’t like your song. You can technically do it with your first song since it will only bring you back team selection screen.
    -There will be no duplicates in the songs.
    -There are eight different songs in each attribute you can get. The Expert songs are different from the Easy, Normal, and Hard songs.
  2. You can use your Gold to put an ‘arrangement’ on the songs which give unique bonuses to you in the live.
  3. You can’t choose your Friend Support. It will be chosen randomly between either your friends or a random. More below.


The arrangements are:

  • Higher Chance of getting Silver/Gold
  • Perfect Support: The First 5 Goods/Bads will change into Perfects
  • 10% more EXP
  • 10% more Score from Tapped Notes
  • 10% Higher chance of your skills activating
  • 10% more event points
  • 30% Stamina refilled between Songs

I’m not the best player, in fact I personally believe I suck, but in my personal opinion certain Arrangements should be used on the following difficulties.

Really? Really? If you need a boost here, you’d shouldn’t be playing the event at all

Same as the Easy

This is typically where you want to use an Arrangement.

Don’t Use:

  • Perfect Support- 5 Goods/Bads is simply too small a change to bother with it. Unless you only miss less 5 times, this is too small of a buff.
  • 10% more Score from Tapped Notes- Same as Perfect support


  • 10% Higher chance of your skills activating:If this works the way I think then it will add onto the chance your abilities already have.

Definitely Use:

  • Higher Chance of getting Silver/Gold: I’ll explain this a bit later. It is easily the best one.
  • 10% more EXP: More experience is really good because it lets your level up faster and allows for you do more songs in a single session if you manage to level up.
  • 10% more event points: More event points are always better.
  • 30% Stamina refilled between Songs: If you suck like me, this will be a godsend.


Friend Support

Friend Support is really good but you really want to get one of your friends to make it the best it can possibly be. Most of the bonuses you can get for using your friends are the same as the Arrangement bonuses.

The Friend Support bonuses are:
End of Fest Gold Increase

    • + 50 Percent if Friend
    • + 25 Percent if Not Friend

End of Fest Event Point Increase

    • + 10 Percent if Friend
    • + 5 Percent if Not Friend

Tapped Notes Score Gain Increased
Perfect Support
Stamina Recovery

    • +30 Percent if Friend
      + 15 Percent if Not Friend

Free Reward: Bronze(Get a 4th Bronze-level reward at the end)




Rewards are worth it in this battle. Even if you go far but don’t get the card, you can still get the awesome rewards.

Note: The higher the difficulty the higher the chance of getting Silver and Gold.

The rewards for getting Bronze, Silver, and Gold are:
Default Ns
Default Rs
5K Gold

Non-Default Ns
50K Gold
Alpacas and Teachers
Higher Chance at Rs
R card skill cards
Scouting Tickets
Support Tickets

Scouting Tickets
Support Tickets
All Tiers of Skill Support possible

I need a moment after that. Gold is goddess.


Event Scoring

Event Scoring gives you beautiful things if you can managed to finish 3 Expert songs in a row but for the normal people, here’s the chart. Also the LP for songs are decreased by 20% so:

Easy: 4
Normal: 8
Hard: 12
Expert: 20

#Songs 3 2 1
EXPERT 777 500 241
HARD 408 262 126
NORMAL 234 150 72
EASY 99 64 31


Hmm Looks like I’ll be at the three Hard songs. I might be able to do the double Expert but I’m not sure.

So I think that’s it. All in all, I recommend depending on your skill level, I’d go for the triple Hard rather than maxing out your output with the Triple Expert. But at the end it’s your choice.

So that’s I’ve got for this post.

So until the that legendary new battle,
Later Days

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