In this week’s outing of Asterisk, we’ve got lots of new stuff to talk about but not that much time to talk about it all.

Here’s my review.

As I’ve been talking about, this is the final review before I break for NaNoWriMo so as much as I want to dive into all the new characters and plot points of this ep, I’m going to keep things very brief and to the point as I need to do the final preparations for my writing. If you want a more detailed review of this ep and more commentary I’m sure there are plenty of other anime blogs out there that will fill your Asterisk craving.

Alright so up first we have a round table with the  5 of the 6 leaders of Rikka. The 6th one is currently on some European vacation and can’t make it. Whether or not she actually is on that vacation, well that’s something I’ll leave up to you. Anyways this scene was nice in terms of learning more about the other school leaders and how they all interact with each other. Claudia is back to her usual self during this meeting, clearly hiding some secret agenda she’s got going.

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.33_[2015.10.31_15.36.47]Speaking of that, the Allekant folks make a stop at the school later on to help with some group project. This is mostly due to the actions of Silas in the last ep and how he was using Allekant’s bots in that fight against Ayato and Julis. In order to sweep this under the table, they’ve agreed to team up for some new Lux project. The two Allekant people who visit the school are the same two we see in the post credit scene of the last ep, Ernesta Kuhne (voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki) and Camilla Pareto (voiced by Mutsumi Tamura). Ernesta just so happens to be the designer of the bots, so she’s eager to see Ayato, the guy who wrecked them all. She also offers him an interesting piece of advice: that things won’t work out so well for him next time. Oh, oh? I wonder what she’s planning?

Other events that happened in this ep include Julis and Ayato having a training session. While they’re both working hard to team up in the Phoenix Festa, Saya thinks otherwise as she’s upset that Julis has been monopolizing Ayato for the past few eps. Well, technically you weren’t even around Saya, so I don’t see why you think you have a reason to complain. Lester also stops by for a moment to thank Ayato for saving his ass the other day. Looks like they might be on even terms now.

Lastly is the addition of a new girl to the harem. Yes this anime still is a harem anime, so we need some more girls. Enter Kirin Toudou, aka Lightning Blade Speed. Side note, Kirin is voiced by Ari Ozawa. It turns out that Ms. Kirin is the number 1 ranked person in their school, but this information doesn’t do Ayato any good as he only finds this out after he has a duel with her. As for why they were dueling, Ayato saw Kirin’s uncle about to slap her so he stepped in and tells him to stop. Uncle agrees to only if he can beat Kirin in a duel, and well he doesn’t. No surprise there.

More or less that’s what happens in this ep and as much as I’d like to talk more about it, I’ve got much more important things to deal with right now so anime will have to wait.

That’ll bring this week’s installment of Asterisk to a close. If you’re also watching this one, let me know your thoughts in the comments below! At present I can’t say whether or not I’ll be back next week for another review, so keep it locked to my Twitter or the blog Twitter as there will be an announcement there.

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2015.10.31_15.45.16]Alright then, thanks for reading and I’ll cya guys later!


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Need some actual art for this show, not posters from magazines. Source Link
Need some actual art for this show, not posters from magazines.
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