So I’ve gotten some stuff on the Seal Shop so I want to do a post on it.

So first, the Seal Shop.

The Seal Shop was introduced in the newest version of Love Live School Idol Festival 3.0 on August 4th.

The Seal Shop is basically a godsend to people that got R, SR, and UR that they haven’t been idolize yet or have gotten but don’t want to keep.

The Seal Shop sells various things such as cards and vouchers in exchange for Seals which can be traded for Rs, SRs, and URs as well as vouchers.

You get Seals from using either Rs, SRs, or URs as practice fodder or selling them for Gold.


Noooo! My URs!

It’s a feature that basically rewards people that buy Love Gems and get spoofs again and again. Clever KLab. Keeping the cards we want behind the Gems…

There are three types of Seals:
Super Seals
Ultra Seals

Remember practicing means you MUST use the card as a practice fodder or selling it for Gold. Idolization does not give Seals. Promo and Skill up Cards do not give Seals as well.

You gain one Seal for every unidolized card and two Seals for every idolized card.

The first set of Seals, like the original Vouchers, will be given out based on your practicing and selling from May 30th to August 4th next year. After that you’ll get Seals for cards right after you sell or practice them.

These are the cards that should be up for sale when the Seal Shop comes to the English.

Super Rares
Ultra Rares

Look at all those URs…Mermaid Nozomi…but how much will I have to give to get her…I’ve got three URs that aren’t Promo. That means that I’ll get three Ultra Seals which is just enough to get her. But is giving up three powerful Centers for one worth it? Nah. I’ll wait. I will give up some of my SRs for some of those.

So that’s all I’ve got right now. Remember you’ve got ahead information so start saving up those Rs, SRs, and URs you don’t want so you can get the ones you do want!

So until the next post,
Later Days

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