With the initial re-introductions of episode one now over and done with we can move on to the development of this series. But firstly, before that, I would like to offer my apologies for the lack of punctuality on these reviews but sadly this much is due to my being rather over worked thanks to my being in my final year of university and basically being given more work as soon as I complete it (R.I.P my free time even more than usual) but persevere I shall and with any much I will find enough spare time to actually catch up.

This episode we start off with something which in, its own ironic way is somehow more appropriate the later this review is, as it is centered around scary stories. Or more specifically, not so scary stories as Chino, despite her best efforts, rather lacks the fundamentals of what is required to tell convincing ghost stories. But in addition to this her practice partner as Cocoa, far from being scared in the slightest, simply responds by finding Chino cute. A real surprise doesn’t take long to appear as a timely knock on the door turns out to be a genuinely scared Sharo requesting asylum for the night. Upon questioning it is discovered that she has developed the feeling that her house has become haunted by some form of specter and in response to this had abandoned her house and its contents to their fate, now desiring to live in the store-room of Rabbit House.

After staying the night with Cocoa and Chino and going to school as normal the next day, the decision is made to send in an expeditionary force to liberate Sharo’s house from whatever tyrant has occupied it (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who it was that would suggest such a thing). Right from the get go things look set to go badly; Rize arrives already sporting a wound from an accident in school (though more on this later) and the surprise reinforcement, Chiya, is at first much more concerned as to why Sharo didn’t turn to her first, throwing out accusations and drama before actually checking her phone and the pages worth of missed calls that she received that night. Now, Tippy not withstanding, ghosts aren’t actually a thing in Gochiusa (at least not yet) so Sharo’s house is not actually haunted but from her perspective the uninvited guest is perhaps something equally as concerning as Sharo’s new house mate is a rabbit (she is scared of them yet has not problems dressing at one? I’ve never got this one), and not just any rabbit, an incredibly expressive delinquent rabbit. Despite its looks the rabbit is actually somewhat polite, or at least as polite as a rabbit can realistically be and so the decision is made that he can stay in an effort to help Sharo overcome her fear of rabbits. An idea that is only really excepted as it is the idea of  Sharo’s wonderful senpai but said senpai is not off to be best of starts with Sharo’s new pet as not long after the decision to keep him has been made he worsens Rize’s twisted ankle by leaping at her, and it is this worsening injury that sets the scene for the latter half of the episode.

As the latter half of the episode features an incapacitated member of the cast it was somewhat inevitable that a house visit would be something to feature in the episode and this is indeed the case. As was established in the first season, Rize’s house is really rather impressive and as such something of a daunting place to enter for the visiting Chino and Cocoa, especially with the suited security detail out front but they manage to get in with out too much difficulty (….. its best if we leave it at that) and deliver their gifts to Rize also discovering that Sharo and Chiya are also present and dressed as maids. Their visit was intended as just a short well wishing one but Rize is quite the socialite and due to an incident involving a gun, Cocoa and a telescope manages to convince everyone to stay at least a while longer; which, of course, ends up as Rize dressing her friends up as Maids and allowing them to clean the house (apparently this constitutes fun?). Perhaps not the best game for Rize though for, as a result of this, she has been left in her room with Tippy. Tippy has words of wisdom for her though and comments on how she is not expressive of herself enough leading Rize to rejoin the fun by taking Chino and Cocoa to her personal James Bond style hidden armory. Now, with Rize’s love for guns being fairly well established (the first time we see her she is threatening to shoot Cocoa, etc) one would expect those around her to be somewhat desensitized to them, or at last not terrified by having one pointed at them but apparently this much is not the case as when Sharo and Chiya make a deja vu appearance and join the group just after Chino and Cocoa the introduction of a gun into the mix causes the other easily startled member of the cast to launch the tea-pot and cup into the air, scoring something of a head-shot on Rize (don’t worry, no tea drinking apparatus was damaged during this scene, apparently bone china is stronger than we give it credit for). Rather than this being the final straw that broke the camel’s back for our solder ojou-sama, this much is actually turns out to be an opportunity for her to join the others in donning a maid outfit and having fun. This day however is still and unlucky one for Rize as while acting like a maid, she is spotted by her father. A most embarrassing fate.

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