Here we are in the 4th week of Asterisk and finally we get an all out battle as Julis faces off against her mysterious attacker.

Here’s my review.

While this ep didn’t have lots going on in it, pretty much one big battle for most of the time, it did offer some interesting points that progress the story along and hint at a much larger plot that’s still in the shadows. But as for this battle, lets talk about it for a moment as there are a couple of points I want to bring out.

So for a quick refresher: last week ended with Julis being called out to fight via note presumably left in or on her desk. Being the strong-willed girl that she is, she rushes off to fight, not telling Ayato because she now considers him as something important and worth protecting. We ended with Julis arriving at the location ready to fight.

We waste no time finding out who the mysterious attacker is, none other than Silas Norman! Wait… who exactly is that? Well I’m pretty sure he wasn’t named before, but Silas is that brown-haired bowl-cut guy that hangs out with Lester. Speaking of Lester the big man himself shows up too, also oblivious about Silas’s plan and it suddenly part of this battle too. Although he doesn’t last long.

Anyways it turns out Silas is the guy behind these attacks on the students, but not him personally, rather a group of android like bots. Honestly I was reminded of Commando Droids from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Oh and by the way this isn’t the first Star Wars vibe I got from this ep. Anyways, Silas goes into the usual bad guy speech about the usual things and yet he doesn’t seem scary at all, nor do his army of Commando Droids. I had faith in Julis as she’s such a powerful person and I also knew that Ayato was on his way, so at some point he’d swoop in to save the day.

While Julis does pretty well against the droids, she finally gets injured, a bullet grazes her left thigh, and that gives the droids an opportunity to grab her and hold her down. Silas continues to check off the boxes of the usual bad guy as saying he wanted to “take his time” with her before finally killing her. I’ll leave that up to your imagination as to what exactly he was referring to doing with him. But right before one of the bigger droids is about to swing its blade at her, Ayato swoops in, a knight in shining armor, and saves the day. Right on schedule.

So as soon as Ayato arrives and saves Julis, it’s the usual girl gets mad for being saved because this is her problem and not his. So there wasn’t a need for him to stick his neck out to help her. You know, a simple “thank you” would be a lot better, Julis. But anyways, Ayato makes quick work of the droids, slicing and dicing all the while using massive attacks with fancy names. After all he’s a powerful guy and like his older sister said, he could really hurt someone if he went all out. Well he might not have gone all out, but he certainly ruined Silas’s plan to knock Julis out of the Phoenix Festa.

I mentioned that the Commando Droid like bots weren’t the only Star Wars vibe I got from this ep so I’ll point out one other thing that reminder me very much about a galaxy far, far away. The sound that Julis’, Ayato’s and the bot’s swords made, did your ear pick that up? If not go back and take a listen to when Julis first draws her sword, doesn’t it sound like a… lightsaber? I noticed this right away and for the remainder of the ep that’s all I could think of. I’m pretty sure that in the previous eps their weapons didn’t make this sound as I would’ve notice it, but in this ep it was extremely noticeable.

After taking down Silas in a midair fight, Ayato and Julis are admiring the sunset when suddenly Ayato isn’t feeling well and we see these glowing chains briefly flash a couple of times, almost like they’re restraining him. Ayato subsequently passes out from this and has a dream, one that provides us with the context to what exactly happened. As it turns out, his sister placed an imprisonment spell on his powers that limits how long he can use them. This is probably because his powers are so great that she didn’t ever want him to get out of hand. While it may seem like a strange move for her to do that, it was for Ayato’s best interests as he won’t overexert himself with his powers.

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So as cool as it was to have a battle there was a greater purpose to it, that being to showcase Ayato in an actual fight and for him to prove his worth to Julis as a potential partner for the Phoenix Festa. As expected she’s more embarrassed by his offer, but once realizing he’s actually serious about it, regardless of what might happen to him, I’m guessing she accepts his offer. She didn’t actually say “yeah sure join the team, Ayato!” but I’m guessing enough is implied that she agreed.

Cue after credit scene that’s actually the most important part of this ep. Silas fell during that midair fight and landed down in some alleyway where Claudia was waiting for him. I just assumed she was going to take him back to the school, but no. We finally see that Claudia is much more that just good looks and a scheming personality. She’s quite deadly with her weapons and we see her incapacitate Silas, leaving him in a pool or blood (he’s not dead, don’t worry) before handing him off to the Shadow Stars, namely Ayato’s newspaper club buddy, Eishirou Yabuki. Looks like there’s more to him than meets the eye.

The second part of the after credit scene is dealing with a rival school, Allekant, who was using Silas as a pawn in their own game. That’s also how he was able to get his hands on those bots. So then we’re left with the question now: what exactly is Allekant up to, and how many people are involved in their grand scheme? We’ll have to wait until next time to find out!

All in all I’m enjoying where things are going now. It’s not just another run of the middle sequence of events but they’re slowing revealing to us a bigger and darker part of the story, one that involves other schools and their push for the Phoenix Festa. I’m sure we’ll get more on this in the coming eps but as for right now I’m liking the story quite a bit.

Now on to the actual important stuff. It’s nearly November so that means NaNoWriMo will be starting soon. I still really would like to continue writing weekly reviews for this anime, especially now that it’s getting good, but this story takes number one priority and it will until I’ve completed it. My current plan is to write very short reviews for Asterisk as I need to reserve most of my time to story writing, but if I’m having trouble doing this then I’ll put all Asterisk reviews on hold until November is over. I’m sorry for doing this but as I really want to give it my all for this story writing challenge, I’ll do whatever it takes to complete it even if that means taking a break from anime. I hope you understand and I promise that if it does come to that, I’ll let you know via Twitter (@SkyCorps). Okay then, that’s all I’ve gotta say about this. For further information about this please check out my other blog as I wrote a post about it.

Alright that’s it for this review! Sorry if they’re quite long these days, but that’s just how things seem to go. Let me know what you thought about this ep in the comments below and what your predictions are for the coming eps. As always if you have read the source material, please refrain from spoilers.

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2015.10.24_18.17.29]Thanks for reading and I’ll cya next week!


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