Hey everyone and welcome back for another Love Live birthday from me, Deven Luca. It’s October 21st which means it’s Eli’s birthday!!

Eli Ayase is one of the nine members of Muse and member and center of the mini idol group, BiBi.



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Where to start with Eli? Let’s see. To be fair, I didn’t like her at the start of the first season. She was just getting in the way of Muse just on principle and she was really kinda of annoying. Only after seeing how she is and learning what’s all about does she really shine in my heart.

Her mother and grandmother graduated from Otonokizaka so she feels that she has a responsibility to save the school, even though Principle Minami said that they shouldn’t try it and just enjoy their school years. She didn’t have to take up the responsibility but she gave herself extra stress with it.

And then there’s the part with Muse which grew more and more popular both around the school and in the idol scene. It made Eli feel a little bit jealous, angry,and confused.

She was jealous because she was working her butt off and not getting anywhere but she saw these girls, who with her professional dance instruction, with their lackluster dance moves help the school so much. It must have been intensely frustrating especially since Nozomi, her best friend, sided with them most of the time. She must have felt like she was the only one serious about saving the school.

However Eli secretly liked Muse. It’s hard not to see. Simply put, you don’t mess with or harp on something you really don’t care about or notice. Eli was against Muse all the way and she was the one that upload Start:Dash on the Internet and it ended up turning out well. Once Eli joined Muse and finally admitted that she likes Muse and it was okay for her to not keep killing herself for the sake of responsibility, she becomes one of my favorite characters.

If Nozomi’s like the mom of Muse, then Eli’s the Cool Big Sister, which is ironic since in Love Live School Idol Festival most of Eli’s most powerful cards and her primary attribute are Cool.



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So now that it’s out of the way, let’s look at some beautiful Eli Ayase pics. Make sure to play this video while you watch!

It’s Arifureta Kanashimi No Hate. It’s one of Eli’s solo songs. It appeared on the same album as Daring, Yuuki no Reason, and Soldier which was the Eli, Umi, and Maki compilation.

It really speaks to Eli’s feelings before she joined Muse. It also speaks to her relationship with Nozomi. As we all know other than Hanayo x Rin and Maki x Nico, Eli x Nozomi are one of the top pairings. This song makes it seem like Eli loves Nozomi but she’s afraid to tell her because she’s afraid of being rejected so she keeps inside her heart, content to just remain friends. Definitely one of the best songs from Muse.

All Pictures are courtesy of the Zero-Chan Anime Image Board. All  pictures will have their Zero-chan link below them so feel free to check them out!  Now let’s get down to the pics!


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Kimono Eli is best Eli!


Office Lady Eli is so cute.

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Best yuri pairing.

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Darn all that Umi x Eli yuri. Eli is meant to be with Nozomi only!


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And with that I say Happy Birthday Eli. Remember to log in to Love Live School Idol Festival today and collect your free five love gems.


Also I have a little story. I planned to work on this post in early September but things got busy. Then last weekend, Nick reminded me about it and I intended to do it. Then he reminded me again two days ago. That’s when I finally did it. Also check out this video from back at the Nozomi birthday post.

Ah the comedy and ah the yuri. Somehow I always thought that Nozomi would be the one pursuing Eli not the other way around.

So that’s all I’ve got. The next Muse Birthday is next month with Rin on November 1st. We’ll have a special someone to handle that one.

So until the next Muse birthday,
Later Days

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