Another week of Asterisk and I’m enjoying it more every time.

Here’s my review!

So here we are at week 3 of Asterisk and honestly it’s actually really impressed me. When I looked at the tags and saw comedy and ecchi, I cringed as those are usually sure signs of a disaster waiting to happen; but after 3 eps I’m more confused as to why there is comedy listed as a genre as this doesn’t fit the bill at all. As for ecchi, well I think of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry for that, not Asterisk. Anyways, this week we continue on in the development of the story as we get some backstory for Julis, a battle scene, and most importantly the building of the relationship between Julis and Ayato. Alright then let’s take a look at this.

Before we get to Julis, her backstory or any battle scenes, we need to finish where last week ended off: Ayato going to visit Claudia later that night after the Lux compatibility test. To quickly refresh your memory, Claudia just stepped out of the shower so we get some nice panning shots as she drys off her wet body. Ayato walks into her living quarters just as she steps out of the bathroom, wrapped in only a bath robe, to greet him. Ah what a sight.

But as sensual as the scene is, Claudia actually has an important reason to invite him there. Looking back at the previous 2 eps, you’ll remember that Julis twice had glowing arrows shot at her and being that this is a problem that can’t be overlooked, more so now that other students that were going to partake in the Phoenix Festa have suddenly been injured, Claudia wants Ayato to keep an eye on Julis. Why Ayato though? Well aside from being the MC of the anime and the fact that it obviously has to be him for the story to progress, Julis is quite comfortable around him. I mean she replies to his “good morning” and even had a few laughs with him. Her usually cold personality has seemingly warmed up to Ayato’s presence.

But as this is a rather big job, is there any reward for Ayato other than protecting a beautiful princess? Well Claudia is quite content to offer sexy body as a reward for his hard work, telling him “please don’t hold back” too. Of course pleasurable desires don’t take hold of him as Ayato makes tracks out of there.

Once you’re finished ogling Claudia’s breasts (don’t worry I was too), take note of the tinge of jealousy in her voice as she watches Ayato flee from her sexual advances. As much as Claudia prides herself on her a strong and devious girl, she lacks something that Julis has: someone who cares about her much like Ayato cares about Julis. While Ayato probably won’t end up giving Claudia the attention she wants, she’s not backing down from making advances like this to win him over. Man, what I’ve give to switch places with Ayato for that moment and just give in to those desires…

The middle part of the ep is Julis following up on her promise to take Ayato on a tour around town. Of course this is more of a date than either really catch on to until it’s over, but I liked this middle section as it worked as a bond building part for both characters. It was mentioned last week that the Phoenix Festa is a team event and Julis has yet to select a partner, so this is day out on the town is not just a tour but a chance for them to get to know each other for when the time comes to team up for battle.

But as fun as this date is, Ayato is acting as the bodyguard for the princess so he can’t let his guard down. Even after describing the serious situation to her, Julis is quite content with holding her own against these mysterious attackers. She quite strong willed and doesn’t show any signs of fear even though her life may by on the line. Lester makes a small appearance here, trying to get another fight with Julis, but Ayato stares him down forcing him to leave this time. Geez what is it with that guy? He gets his ass handed to him by Julis like… 3 times or something and he still can’t get it through his thick skull that she’s clearly better than him and fighting a 4th time is utterly pointless. Some guys never learn….

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The action scene follows this as Ayato and Julis have completed their date and are walking back. They encounter a group of guys from another school, Le Wolfe Black Academy, who are busy fighting. Or are they…? Julis quickly realizes the situation as a clever cover up for another attack on her, so she makes quick work of the Le Wolfe guys before taking off against these mysterious attackers once more. While they escape in the heat of the moment, the small encounter gives Julis and Ayato a chance to work together in fighting some bad guys. We’ll get some more of this next week.

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For me I liked this final part of the ep the most. It gave us the answer to why Julis is at the academy fighting her way to the top. We found out last week that she’s there for money, but it’s not for personal gain, rather she’s thinking about someone else. That someone else turns out to be a orphanage in her home town that’s had some ba financial trouble over time. Julis has grown very fond of the children there as when she was little she used to escape from the palace to spend time with them. So as time moved on and things have gotten tough, the politics have made it impossible for her to get the money to help them out so she’s taken it upon herself to personally fix this problem. I wasn’t expecting this to be her reason, but it’s a noble one and she deserves respect for going through all this trouble to help out an orphanage. I was half expecting her reason to be to help her dying little sister or something (assuming she has one).

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With her debts paid, Julis is officially finished with Ayato and has seemingly returned to her old self as she’s not returning the “good morning” to Ayato the following day and later rushes out to deal with some pressing matter. Ayato just dismisses this as her normal behavior, but Claudia isn’t quite sure about that. When Ayato questions why Julis would leave him out of something important, wondering if it’s because she doesn’t trust him, Claudia also makes it known that Julis is leaving him out of this because he’s now become one of the few things that Julis wants to protect. In a classic light bulb moment, Ayato finally realizes what his purpose is and what he needs to do. With Ser Veresta in hand, Ayato runs off to find Julis and protect her from whatever she’s gotten herself involved with.

So all in all I’m really enjoying Asterisk a lot more as the weeks pass and after 3 eps I can safely say that I’ll continue watching and reviewing this one. Sure it’s still a generic magic high school anime, but so far it’s not going through the usual motions of every magic high school anime. I like that there is a story to Asterisk, one that isn’t so massively convoluted, techno-babble-y, or an ecchi filled mess, and of course the animation and music are two very strong points to this anime as well. So if it can keep this formula then I think this could turn out to be the best magic high school anime of the season.

Alright then that’s all I’ve gotta say about this week’s ep, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below if this one is living up to your expectations or not.

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As always thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll cya next week!