New Outline. New Info. More Pics but the same Deven!

Nekomimi modo! Nya-Nya! It’s time for a Rin event!

The “Under the Starry Sky” event has begun!

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

This event is the Under the Starry Sky. This event will take place between October 13th to October 22nd

Appeal: Phantom Kitten
For every 22 notes, there is a 40% chance of increasing player’s score by 290 points.

Ah Rice the perfect food. And this is why Hanayo is my third favorite.




I tragically can’t participate in this event. My tablet has issues right now but lucky for me and always remember this. When playing any mobile game, always make sure to have your restore code and always when you get an electronic device, make sure to get a warranty.

I should be able to get it back within a week, depending on when I send it out. I think I should be to participate in the next event definitely.


I’ve got a new goal for this event. I’m going to tell you at the end.

Break Even

I’ve got 45 Love Gems and I have no current Scouting Tickets last time I checked. I should have enough gems to beat both the Sewing Eli and Fairy Nozomi events provided that I don’t fall too behind with it.

AnimeCorps GiveAway!

So one lazy day, I made a little alt account on Blustacks, the Android emulator, in an attempt to make a rerolling macro. The macro failed but I did make an account. So I let that sit for a while and get the new player gems. And when my tablet went down, I decided to roll. And I got these cards:



So rejoice new player you can get a free starter account with these two SRs. All you need to is respond to this post’s tweet on the AnimeCorps twitter, be following our account, and ‘I want to win this contest’. And the first person that does that wins!

Here are the rest of the cards!


You will be send a screenshot with the access code after confirmation of your victory. I wish everyone luck! Also if this goes well, I might do it again.

So as we usually end the Before the Event we will end this with a Rin Pic spam.

So until after the event,
Later Days

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