We’ve arrived at ep 2 of Asterisk and so far its continuing to be something I like, compared to some other magic high school harem anime this season.

Here’s my review.

Much like ep 1 last week, this week’s ep was continuing the introductory stage by adding more back story and depth to our lead character Ayato, we are introduced to another girl, we meet the bad guys, and Ayato fights a magic sword too.

In terms of plot progression I enjoyed this ep as they got into some deeper stuff, fleshing out the two main characters and showing us some motivations they have. Ladies first so I’ll start with Julis. We learn that she’s attending this school to raise money for something. While it is not stated what exactly she needs this money for, I’m guessing it might be for an off the books reason. Remember now, Julis is a princess. Royalty, meaning she’s very wealthy. You’d think that it’d be easy to get money for a person of her status, but no she’s been attending this school and aims to win in the Phoenix Festa as a starting place. As for what her reasons are for needing this money, I’m sure we’ll learn more about them in the weeks to come.

Another point that I liked about Julis in this week’s ep was how she wasn’t so hot-headed. She laughed at one point and it was quite genuine, showing that under her rigid outer shell she does have a softer more relaxed side. This side of her is also shown once again when she returns Ayato’s “good morning” the next day, something she’s known for not doing to anyone. Looks like they’re already developing their relationship and not still hating each others guts.

While I could continue to talk about Julis for a time still, I do like her, I should move along to Ayato as he got some more depth to his character. While it’s only in the form of a short opening scene, it’s depth nonetheless that brings us back to his motivation for coming to the school in the first place: to find his lost sister. We learn via flashback to when Ayato was a child, that he’s a powerful person, so much so that his father restricts him from fighting because of the damage he could inflict on someone. But even so Ayato can’t back down from a fight, especially after a group of boys say something bad about his sister. Honestly if you insult a guy’s sister, you should pretty much expect to get your shit kicked in for doing that. So Ayato fought and won against these three boys. While it was a victory for him, others, including his very angry father, would see it differently. Before this flashback ends we learn that Ayato’s goal in life mirror’s his older sister’s, which is to protect her from anything bad. So now we’re starting to see why exactly he followed her to Seidoukan Academy.

Moving right along then, other key points to mention from this ep were the introduction of Ayato’s childhood friend Saya Sasamiya. If at any point you thought this wouldn’t be a harem anime, well guess what, you’re wrong. It is. While she’s not exactly the tallest or bustiest girl out there, even after not seeing her for 6 years, Saya is back from her overseas trip and is now also attending Seidoukan Academy as well. From the short conversation Ayato and her have, we learn she’s the daughter of a weapons designer and is currently field testing a new gun like weapon at school. Probably not the best place to test that weapon, but this is anime, weirder things have happened. And lastly Saya is one of those always tired and speaks with some monotone voice type of characters. One look and you can just tell.

Nice full size pic of Saya. Source link
Nice full size pic of Saya.
Source link

The harem aspects of Asterisk show their colors as Julis, Saya and Claudia get into a slightly heated exchange of words regarding who will be giving Ayato a tour around the campus. And like any harem moment, the comparison of boobs is something that comes up. While Claudia wasn’t there for the purpose of joining in the harem banter, she was there to deliver to Ayato information regarding the Lux weapon compatibility test which will be held the following day. This of course is where Ayato will get the chance to take a look at the weapon that his sister might have used.

Before we get to that though we get to meet the arrow shooting bad guys, which appear while Julis and Saya are showing Ayato around. I found the short sequence with Julis giving the tour slightly funny as it reminded me of when Sento was giving Kanie the tour of the park in Amagi Brilliant Park. I’m of course referring to the fact Julis is voiced by Ai Kakuma, who also voiced Sento.

The action sequence of this episode is the fight that Saya and Julis have against these mysterious attackers. Accompanied by another excellent Rasmus Faber track, the two girls show off their fighting abilities as easily take down their opponents. Saya got a few points here for her deadpan way of saying “boom” as she fired her massive grenade launcher and subsequently destroyed a large stone fountain in the process. While this fight was short, it was still very well animated and with the music playing alongside it, it was just another winning combination. I’m continually impressed with the audio and visuals of this anime as they’re not lacking in the least bit.

Aftermath of the battle. Source Link
Aftermath of the battle.
Source Link

Closing out the ep we’ve got the Lux compatibility test scene, where we see that angry big guy, Lester, getting his ass handed to him by the super charged Ser Veresta sword. Ah what an idiot that guy is. As soon as things go south, it’s up to Ayato to tame the now rogue sword as it’s taken a strong liking to him. With 97% compatibility and the all green signal, it looks like Ayato has found his weapon. Receiving not only the Ser Veresta but an also invitation to see Claudia later that night, it looks like things are going pretty well for Ayato now as is first couple days of school have been rather exciting.

Before I close out this review I think I should also take a few moments to comment on the ED, “Waiting for the rain” by none other than Maaya Sakamoto. So much yes, I love this song sooo much it’s perfect. When Maaya Sakamoto and Rasmus Faber make a song together, it’s always, always, always, perfect and I love it. So yeah I’m calling this my top favorite ED of the season, unless there is another anime with an ED that’s somehow better. But honestly, I don’t think there is any ED this season that’s gonna beat the Asterisk one. This alone is enough to keep me watching week after week as I can’t get enough of this song. Excellent job once again, and top points for it.

So that’ll bring this week’s review to a close. Hopefully it was more commentary than summary, but as the weeks go on I’ll strive to get better. Alright so in terms of will I continue watching this or not, as of now I’m saying yes I’ll continue. After 2 eps I don’t have any massive complaints about this anime, it’s hitting some strong points for me and did I mention the ED too? While this maybe another generic magic high school anime, it’s certainly not a total shit fest like most usually are.

Love this CG look they use in the preview. So cool.
Love this CG look they use in the preview. So cool.

But that’s why I’ve gotta say, what are your thoughts about Asterisk after the first 2 eps? Let me know in the comments below! That’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next week!


P.S. Thanks to a random person on Ask, I’ve got a link to the full version of the ED, Waiting for the rain, which was actually released in an album last month. How I missed it I’m not sure, but here’s a link to just that song. Enjoy~!

Bonus Pic!

Source Link
Source Link

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